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Oct 15, 2001 6:23 PM
does this thing work?
re: computrainerKyle
Oct 16, 2001 7:25 AM
Sure, but not exactly flawlessly.

I've had one for years and found the unit itself to be pretty well-built but the software to be really glitchy. Having said that, I'm not using the updated stuff, because then you lose all your old data and it is doubtful that performance comparisons would be meaningful after the upgrade anyway.

Basically what EVERYONE needs (but they don't know it) is a trainer that can measure average power output with relative accuracy. This allows you to tune your training program based on absolutely quantitative results.

I use the software 2x per year (Spring/Fall) when I do a time trial to see if my power output has improved. Otherwise I use the unit in stand alone mode and watch TV like everyone else--the cool graphics are of no interest after about two weeks.

It works well as a stand alone because it forces a constant output (ie if you pedal slower it gets harder) but is hardly necessary.

Overall, I'd suggest giving the Performance Axiom unit a try first--it's 1/3 the price and seems to have all the features you need. If you don't like it, I imagine Performance would take it back (they seem pretty good about this.)

I'd also suggest maybe buying it with some friends or a club, because, like I said, you really only need it a few times during the year to measure progress.

Good luck