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Why does it look like Lance abandoned Heras?(6 posts)

Why does it look like Lance abandoned Heras?MrGrim
Sep 17, 2001 11:15 AM
Obviously I don't know all the details but to me it looks like...

Lance told Heras that he'd work for him in the Vuelta...
Heras worked his ass off to pull Lance through the Tour...
Lance then backs out of the Vuelta siteing fatigue and takes George and Eki with him...
Now Heras is suffering in the Vuelta and where's Lance?

Any thoughts?
re: Why does it look like Lance abandoned Heras?YoungRcR
Sep 17, 2001 2:15 PM
Well, it looks to me like even if lance was there it wouldn't matter. Heras isnt up to par as of late. But i would love to see Levi shoot for a podium!
re: Why does it look like Lance abandoned Heras?peloton
Sep 17, 2001 6:46 PM
If Lance were there it would only mean two Postie 'domestiques' ahead of Heras in the standings.

Heras is still in the race, it's a long way from over. He doesn't seem to have the same form as last year though. Heras has even stated that he is very happy with the support team he has at the Vuelta. it's not like he has a bunch of freds with him. I would like to see Heras win again, but I would love to see Levi make the podium as well.
Just one thought.....James1
Sep 19, 2001 8:34 PM
That I'm tired of hearing the same ol "Lance abandoned Heras in the Vuelta" remarks.

You don't know all the details that I will agree with. If you can show me where exactly it was written or otherwise demonstrated where Lance said to Heras, "Roberto I will support you in the Vuelta" by all means do so.
Does Lance make the decisions?Ping_Pong
Sep 20, 2001 8:15 AM
I expect Lances sponsors, and anyone with a financial interest in Lance would have said, "Hey Lance. We don't want you want to tire yourself out riding like a dog for that nobody. Go and think about the next tour instead. We're going to put you face on bean cans next year. Oh and maybe check on Dr Ferrari - see what's new."
Look at it this wayJawa
Sep 21, 2001 11:02 AM
Lance rides for USP which is owned/paid for by Thom Weisel. Mr. Weisel lives in San Fran. Americas biggest cyclist never races in his home country. There is a big race in the team owners home town. He wants to grow US cycling. I think Lance was told that he should ride the San Fran race to promote US cycling in his sposors home town.