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where to add another 1-2 hrs in my training?(6 posts)

where to add another 1-2 hrs in my training?KMan1
Sep 14, 2001 8:51 AM
I currently, due to family obligations, 2 young daughters @ 1 & 4, can only get 4-5 hours training time in per week.

Generally as follows:
Sunday: Race or 1:45/2hr ride
Monday: off
Tuesday: 1:45/2 hr ride
Wednseday: off
Thursday/Friday: one day off the other 1:45/2 hr ride or
Hills or Intervals
Saturday: off
Due to having 3 rest days a week I generally ride 70-85% of max for the 2 hours.

My question is if I can add another hour or two per weeek will I get the most return by keeping the # of days I ride per week the same and just increasing each ride by 1/2 hour or is it more benificial to keep my current times and add another day of riding in?

I have to ask...Peetey
Sep 14, 2001 11:53 AM
What are your objectives? Are you training for something in particular? What are your shortcomings (endurance, power, etc.)? Once these are answered, a better plan can be developed.
I can a pointKMan
Sep 17, 2001 5:28 AM
Well I am an MTB Sport racer (generally Top 10 Vet racer) and do 95% of my training on the road. This year I should place 5th in our 10 race Mid-Atlantic Surer Series. My goal or objective for the 2002 season is to Start out racing Sport once again being a consistent Top ten finisher and get to the podium one or twice, then move up to expert.
My short commings appear to be toward the end of the race I lack the ability to get that extra push to keep up with the top racers. I have no problems at the start. A medical down side for me though is I do have a degenerative lower disc in my back and the pain sometimes is so bad it does hold me back. Maybe the extra time would help eleviate this shortcomming?

re: where to add another 1-2 hrs in my training?John Frank
Sep 14, 2001 4:41 PM
With young kids, its often a challenge getting in the training time.

Lengthening a two hour session might not get you as big a return on investment than adding another session.

One good thing about kids so young is that they go to bed early (7-8pm). Perhaps you can adjust your schedule to go to bed early as well, then get up early and train before work.

Of course, days are getting shorter now. Your early training may have to be done on a trainer.
re: where to add another 1-2 hrs in my training?Sag
Sep 15, 2001 2:56 PM
I would also think about varying the type of riding you do. Perhaps work in blocks of concentrating on 1 aspect of riding.

1. try going a bit longer on each of the 4 days and ride at 65-70% of max, spinning in a low gear. This amps up your aerobic system. 3-5 hour rides can be beneficial and are necessary if you want to tackle a century. Only 1 long ride a week is required to build that endurance up.

2. Add a tempo or muscle tension ride on a rest day, and change the ride the following day to a recovery ride of say 1 hour.

3. Add hills or Lactate Threshold intervals. 2 intense rides per week. Long warm up and stretching. Then go easy or rest for 2-3 days until you a fully recovered.

These are just ideas. You should really think about what you want to work on. But changing your regular riding habits can make you improve faster. Some exercises work better than others for some people. For whatever reason, I feel I gain a lot when I do lots of tempo or some strength training rides at aerobic intensities. Climbing of course is good for me too.

Ride ON!!

re: where to add another 1-2 hrs in my training?Jon
Sep 15, 2001 8:23 PM
In general I 2nd Sag's suggestions. Additionally, in order to significantly improve top end performance
of any kind, whether that be speed, power, or whatever, you must build a larger aerobic base. There-
for, whatever your goals are, if you want to improve, you need to be riding a minimum of 4 days per
week and preferably 5.

It would benefit you to refer to a good standard coaching reference such as Friel's Cyclist's Training
Bible, sit down and do some serious goal setting, and then construct an annual plan based on
the available time you have in your life to ride. We live hectic, crowded, and sometimes rather
scattered lives, so intelligent planning to maximize performance is a must. Good luck.