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Sep 13, 2001 2:30 AM
In Reply to Bottecchia posted by BikeWizard on December 03, 1999 at 22:23:10, Chris Lowe wrote on the 6th of december on

I'm currently researching this for an article I'm writing. I've got 5 books that have been written on Ottavio but they're all in Italian so it's been a bit slow going. There have been two articles written in the past few years in English language magazines but these articles have contradicting information which makes the accuracy of them questionable.

This much is known: he was not killed off by the fascists, at least not officially. Enough secret documents from Mussolini's reign have been uncovered that clearly dispell that rumor though there are some interesting tidbits that would make that look likely. He was also not killed by the vintner. This story has so many holes in it that it would take several paragraphs to list them all. His death is considered a homicide and even more interesting is the fact that his brother, also a race, was mysteriously killed.

During the summer holiday I visited the monument of Bottecchia near San Martino, Colle Umberto (his birthplace). The story of the death of Bottecchia has fascinated met ever since I was a kid. I always thought he was killed by a farmer for "stealing" some grapes. However, the confession of the farmer came in the same period in which a certain man in New York told a doctor that he had killed the two brothers Bottecchia "su ordinazione", in order.

I wonder if Chris Lowe or any one else has any more information on the subject of Ottavio Bottecchia
Did he really trainPack Meat
Sep 13, 2001 1:55 PM
with the added resistance of stones in his pockets when he rode in the Alps?