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I SUCK!!!!! (story) (part 2)(2 posts)

I SUCK!!!!! (story) (part 2)wes
Aug 22, 2001 9:14 AM
Well, continuing from my post below, I went back to this Tuesday night training race. No illusions of past greatness this time, I went with the Cat4 group. The pace was about 3 mph slower and we averaged about 26 mph over 1 hour.

I was feeling very good for about the first 40 minutes until I realized that after being back on the bike for around 2 months now, my legs don't really have the endurance to maintain that pace for the full hour. I almost got dropped off the back twice, but I managed to hang on until the pace mercifully slowed a bit and I could recover. I finished with the bunch which was really my only goal, so I'm very satisfied with my performance. In all honesty, next week is the last Tuesday night ride for the season and my goal was to do this week and probably get dropped, and then ride next week to finish. So I'm 1 week ahead of schedule!

As with last week, I'm not confident in the corners yet, but after about 5 laps, I could hold my own. Give me a couple weeks at the beginning of next season and i'll be back to my old self.

Anyways, It's not the 1-2-3 race, but at this point, I'm actually feeling like it's a vicory just to be finishing. I logged 583 training miles in the last 6 weeks to get to this point (1 full week off). Once again, my goal next year will be to finish the join the 1-2-3 field by midseason. We'll see...
Everyone sucks...Dog
Aug 23, 2001 6:12 AM
at times. Racing is hard, very hard. You have good days and bad days. It's part pain and suffering, part hard work, part talent, part luck. You gotta love it win, lose, or otb and sucking. Learn from the bad races. Show and and get stomped again and again until you improve. That's pretty much how it works.