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antibiotics and recoveryrich1
Aug 20, 2001 7:14 PM
any one have any information on antibiotics and recovery?
i read they may disrupt the recovery proccess in the muscles.
any sites or books that may have some information on this, that may go more in depth and/or confirm what i read?
please email me
re: antibiotics and recoveryMarlon
Aug 22, 2001 7:30 AM
Antibiotics are designed to inhibit bacterial growth. How they do so depends on the exact mechanism in which they work: often, it's by disrupting or inhibiting the function of a protein vital to a bacterium's proper functioning. For example, penicillin prevents synthesis of a bacterium's cell wall, and no cell wall means weaker bacteria.

Most antibiotics *shouldn't* disrupt human cellular processes (it's antibiotics we're talking about, not chemotherapy!), but if they work using some sort of nutrient-starving mechanism or something that might affect human cells, there's a small, slight chance that some recovery processes might be interrupted. If you want more info, go visit your local pharmacist or look in your local college's pharmacology/pharmaceuticals textbooks to look up the exact antibiotic you're worried about.

On a more pertinent note, if you're on antibiotics, you're in a serious-enough situation that you really shouldn't be doing anything strenuous enough to require recovery time - your body is already fighting off infection, so why inflict more self-damage?

Any doctors care to comment? That's all this biochemist knows.