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Good enough for Cat V racing?(2 posts)

Good enough for Cat V racing?wannaBeRacer
Jul 13, 2001 6:45 PM
I'm dying to try racing, but I feel too slow and 10 years too old. Can I compete in a cat 5 race? I certainly don't expect to win, but wouldn't mind finishing in the pack. I usually ride 150-175 a week, but 100 of that is my commutes. I try pushing myself on my commutes, and average 20 mph, over the 40 mile round trip. On rides 75-100 miles, I average 17mph. Is this good enough, or should I train more? My problem is, I live out in the county, and don't get many chances to ride with other, to get feedback on my abilities...
Give it a try!non-sprinter
Jul 14, 2001 5:58 AM
You're definitely in shape for it. You have enough miles. The only thing you might need is exposure for riding with other riders in close quarters. But a lot of guys in cat V, much less experience than you do. So give it a shot!