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bladed wheels on the rear only -- in WIND(3 posts)

bladed wheels on the rear only -- in WINDSherpa
Jun 13, 2001 9:10 AM
I live in a windy region and have been cautioned by people who ride bladed rims (Spinergy Rex-Xs) to be careful using them in winds.

I am wondering that if you are hell-bent on riding a bladed wheel in a windy region -- perhaps only using it on the rear is the way to go.

Also, I am interested in doing so TTs ... but, can't afford to buy a disc wheel, etc ... could a bladed wheel on the rear be a "poor" man's answer to this ...

Any thoughts?
No, just be careful, unless you're talking gustsjw25
Jun 15, 2001 7:03 AM
of over 30 mph or so. With a deep front rim, a side wind can push the wheel off course, and if you're not paying attention, you can end up in traffic/off the road. Ive ridden Cosmics (the older, 38mm ones) front and rear in heavy gusts, and it really just takes a little more concentration and a firmer grip on the bars. It's not fun, but it's not awful.
As for runnig a disk rear, I read a great writeup somewhere about them, and really, most low spoke count aero wheels are more aero than a full disk. The disk might be stiffer, but for TT's, you really only need to get up to speed once, so it's not as important.
Back in the day, a disk was more aero than a standard 32 spoke wheel built on a box-section rim, but now the larger swept area of a disk translates into more drag, compared to a deep rim.
So, don't feel bad about net having a disk rear, and don't worry about riding 2 aero wheels in the wind. Besides, an aero wheel up front gives more benefit than one in the rear, due to the airflow around the seat tube and legs. So, up front is the best place if you only run one.
Re:Disc WheelsDougal
Jun 18, 2001 9:36 AM
This might not be of any interest to you, but in 5 years racing I've neber seen a really fast TT rider use anything but a disc wheel. Maybe once in a very strong side-wind, but even then I think most of the top guys swear by them. Maybe its all in the mind, maybe its just habit, but you won't get many guys from the fast amatuers upwards that don't use them.