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To Jon Billheimer(7 posts)

To Jon BillheimerThe Other Kenny
Aug 27, 2001 11:06 PM
A while ago I posted a question about taking a week off of training for a business trip. I just wanted to let you know how things went and to thank you for your input. I actually did very little exercise, except for miles of walking around the trade show (outdoor retailer). I had about a week after I returned to get ready for my next MTB race. I only rode 3 times last week and generally took it pretty easy as I was worried about wearing myself out after not doing much but walk and drink beer for 6 days. My race was Sunday and I placed 8th, my best result of the season, It was a long race at a little over 2 hours but I felt strong all the way, better than I had all year.

Thanks again

To The Other KennyJon Billheimer
Aug 28, 2001 9:50 AM
Congratulations dude! Glad it went well for you. As a confirmed Type A personality, I existed for a number of years in a chronically overtrained state, too stupid and too oblivious to know any better. However, my ageing body finally forced me to sit up and take notice, and recognize the value of rest. As they say...better late than never!

For some good advice on monitoring your training and recovery markers, check out Joe Friel's Cyclist's Training Bible and Tudor Bompa's Periodization Training For Sports. Based on those systems, I now keep a daily journal to monitor my training state.

Ride fast! Next year you'll be kicking everybody's butt!
Jon is one of the reasons to read this board!rollo tommassi
Aug 29, 2001 4:44 PM
The 'lurkers' appreciate you.

I love happy endings!

Thanks - Jon, Congrats Other Kenny!
You Made My DayJon Billheimer
Aug 29, 2001 7:38 PM
Most of the time I feel like a relic, trying to drag my genetically challenged body up to speed. But I LOVE
this sport passionately and will do ANYTHING to get 1 second faster.

I also love people clever enough to lurk behind such a creative moniker as yours.

BTW, took 1:40 off my previous 20K time on a hilly TT course tonight, and was only 30 secs. off my PB. Hope
springs eternal! Adrenaline rules!!
Rock on!rollo tommassi!USN=rollo tommassi
Aug 30, 2001 3:32 PM
1:40?? That's insane!!
Keep it up!
re: To Jon Billheimer/ one guy who is knowledgable!TC
Aug 30, 2001 12:41 PM

I've always found your posts to be very informative and detailed. Your knowledge about training and the "science" end of the sport are invaluable. You can make the hard to understand very digestible.

Oh and by the way I said a long time ago I'd update you on the Reynolds fork, I like it, and hope you have the schekels by now to get one.

Hey TC!Jon Billheimer
Aug 30, 2001 1:05 PM
Good to hear from you. I did get the Reynolds last Spring, and was really surprised at what a
positive difference it made! I've always gotten numbness in my left hand, but the carbon steerer in the
Ouzo Pro fixed that. As far as bike handling goes, it also eliminated a tendency to high speed
shimmying at speeds over 60kph. The Lemond now feels like it's tracking on rails. All in all that
was a great upgrade. By the way, how's the Litespeed?

Thanks for the compliment.