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Computer and Heart Rate Monitor Combination(4 posts)

Computer and Heart Rate Monitor CombinationPsar
Aug 24, 2001 5:18 AM
I am looking for a high-end computer that will also act as a heart rate monitor for those long rides, any suggestions?

re: Computer and Heart Rate Monitor Combinationmikeg
Aug 24, 2001 7:18 AM
Protrainer XT by Polar with Cyclometer Option. It is REAAAAALLLY nice. About 159 bucks. Very accurate. Downside: It isn't intuitive and is a bit confusing. But its accuracy and construction is a plus.
re: Computer and Heart Rate Monitor Combinationpmannion
Aug 27, 2001 9:38 AM
I have the Polar X-Trainer plus, and concur with the agade that "the tool that does everything usually does nothing well"...Actually, it is a very good HRM, dealing with the cyclocomputer data is a bit difficult.

Yes, it does pretty well for such a comprehensive tool, but you can actually do quite well with two seperate devices. You tend not to actually use the HRM fetaures much while on the road, but you do use the cyclocomputer features. I now use the Cateye cordless 2 in addition to my HRM.
re: Computer and Heart Rate Monitor Combinationspincity
Aug 30, 2001 6:07 PM
I use a polar S-710. Overall It's pretty good. The 2 things that I don't like is that it's speed computation seems to be on a 2 second delay and that it will get some erroneous readings from some power lines. Other than that it's pretty easy to use and program and has large easy to read display. You can even do most of the programming using the PPP software and upload the settings to the monitor.