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I SUCK!!!!! (story)(3 posts)

I SUCK!!!!! (story)wes
Aug 15, 2001 8:30 AM
Well, after not racing since 1992, and not riding since 1994, I decided to get back on the bike 5 weeks ago and try to get in shape. Yesterday, I did a training race - here's how it went:

There are 3 categories (Masters, Pro-1-2-3, and 4-5). Having been pretty good in a previous life, I decided to go Pro-1-2-3.

So the race starts, and the guys from NetZero are pulling 35 on the first lap. Some bumping going on, but my main problem was feeling comfortable cornering in the middle of a bunch. I guess my bike skills are not what they once were. Since I've been riding again for the last 5 weeks, I haven't had any fast rides with lots of corners or any crazy descents. Anyways, I wasn't familiar with the course enough (embarassing because it's a really mellow course) and rather than be a hazard, I decided to pull out after just a few laps. I hope any guys in the field who may have been pissed off at me (nobody said anything for once - I would have) can respect a guy who has enough sense to pull out rather than potentially cause trouble. I probably would have been fine after a few more laps, but I didn't want to put anyone else at risk for a training ride at the end of the season.

A good sign was that I felt perfectly comfortable with the pace (after I split, the NetZero guys broke off the front for a team time trial - they finished 2 minutes ahead of the main field) and being in the group, just not cornering in it.

I guess I'm coming to the realization I'm not the rider I once was and I need to give my ego a rest. I'll be riding with the 4's next week. Maybe back to the 1-2-3's at the end of next season? We'll see...
totally unbelievablestr8dum
Aug 16, 2001 6:26 AM
You mean to say that you have only been on the bike for 5 whole weeks and you got dropped in an A's training race where people have been racing since Feb or March. I just cant believe that. Again, totally unreal!!
and racing against Net Zeroclimbo
Aug 16, 2001 8:46 AM
and other pro teams I presume, this guy is a masochist!