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Help I am slowRev. Litespeed
Aug 8, 2001 1:02 PM
I am a new rider I have riden since the middle of june have logged 850 miles last week I rode 80 on monday 40 with 4 mountians 1-2 miles long on wed and 100 one mountian hilly on sat I have lost 20 pounds down from 220 to 198 5'11 20 more to go. I have noticed it seems to take along time for me to start feeling good on a ride 1 hour plus. I felt better on my first century (self guided century rode with only one other guy on mtb) during the last 50 then the first 50. I feel like I should be getting faster but I am still slow I rode once about 450 mile into the 850 with a group of fast riders they pulled me for 50 miles over a hilly course and we averaged 17.5 ( I was holding them back) I can after 20-30 miles push big gears and avarage 20ish for 3 or 4 miles but then I die back to like 15-16. What can I do I obught Lances book and I am thinking about buying a HR monitor I have even thought it might be my wheels are worn but I seem to cost as fast as every body else so I know it is just me any Ideas would help othere then just ride I have been doint that Thanks
Get a HR monitor, a training plan (Friels?) anduse puncuation next time
Aug 9, 2001 7:31 AM