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USCF and NORBA categoriespp
Aug 7, 2001 1:41 PM
Is it logical to compare NORBA categories with USCF categories? For example would NORBA expert be comparable to a Cat 3 or maybe a 2. Would sport be comparable to Cat 4 and beginner to Cat 5.
not logical at allclimbo
Aug 8, 2001 4:17 AM
in some cases in might be right to say an Expert is a Cat 3 but if they have not raced much road then there is no way they are a Cat 3. You have to get points and races on the road to go from 4 to 3. Beginner and Cat 5 are the same because that's where everyone starts anyway. It depends on what type of riding/training you do most.
some logic...jayz
Aug 8, 2001 9:42 AM
if you just are comparing what level they are on...then i would agree.
a cat 3 racer is similar to the level that an expert mnt biker is at.
not to say, that they would switch back and forth equally.

however, i have found that most people who race both, ususally follow that principal, within a cat or so...
ie, the cat3's that i know usually race expert or sport..
and i dont know any expert mnt bikers that are planning on staying at cat 5 (everyone starts there)...
blah blah blah

re: Check this outSteve A
Aug 9, 2001 8:01 AM
In our area (North East)there is a local Pro who rides for a major Factory, he places top 20 at Norba nat, and travels to them all. This year he has decided to try some road events, he had to start off as a cat 5 ? did this make any sense ? he has now worked up to Cat 4, where this is going is he does not always win as a cat 4 at the local crit races, so here is a strong off road pro who just can get top 5 at the local crit races? Go figure
it takes more than fitnesspmannion
Aug 9, 2001 12:49 PM
It takes more than great fitness to win a road race or crit, and more than good tactics. It also takes ballz. There are plenty of fairly fit Cat 4's that arrive bunched together at the end of a criterium. They all survived the surges, accelerations, jumps, etc. In the bunch of 50 or so, perhaps 15 of them truly have the "cajones" to try and win the sprint. Only 5 of those 20 had the finese to get into the position to do so, and so on.

In other words, even if I'm not as "fit" as your bud the pro mtn biker, I just might have the guts to do what it takes to win the race. A lot of the guts comes from not being afraid to crash, and not beimng afraid to totally choke in my sprint (I'll tell you, if you're not willing to risk choking, you'll choke anyway)....This probably sounds a lot like why pro mtn bikers get to be pros...stuff like not being afraid to scream down bumpy singletrack hills, etc.

Experience breeds confidence. The occaisional newcomer enters the race already in posession of this confidence. Confidence, brains and fitness are a powerful combination. Add luck and it gets even more powerful.
Well that about sums it up !Steve A
Aug 9, 2001 5:11 PM
Good post, i have seen this happen all to often, days later you will remember that small hole you should have fit through but did not !Thats the diff. between top 5 and 15th.
similiarly.........redlights suck
Aug 9, 2001 9:45 PM
i know of a road pro who ingests hors catogery climbs in spain for lunch getting his ass whipped by some local schoolboy in a sportclass mtb event.........
go figure
Makes sense we all know roadies cant desend!Steve A
Aug 10, 2001 5:05 AM
I cant wait till Cadel and Migal go road full time, some eyes will be opened!!!
Makes sense, we all know MTBers can't spell. (nm)Kerry Irons
Aug 10, 2001 3:38 PM
Cadel has already opened many eyes !!climbo
Aug 13, 2001 9:54 AM
he's won 2 or 3 races this year as a part time road racer with Saeco, I think the eyes are open. Not to mention still getting results in the MTB World Cup, 2nd yesterday. I hope he starts to race CX too!!