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ruptured or bulging disc !(9 posts)

ruptured or bulging disc !sammy
Jul 28, 2001 5:16 PM
Been off the bike since early june . Im a roadie cat 4, suffering from a possible bulging or ruptured disc, this may have accured from a crash I'm not sure. I have seen the chiropractor for 3 times a week
for a month, and it has not helped. I finally seen a doctor, he shot me with cortizone and gave 3 weeks worth of celebrex, if no change I go for a mri x-ray. I've got the sciatic deal going all the way to my heal and its painfull like a on-going tooth ache. I stretch sum but does not seem to help. Took up swimming but that seem to aggravate the sore spot. The doctor says it is between #4 and 5 on the spine. This is no fun and I'm simply seeing if any one has delt with this problem.
Although you will be waiting for the big test and the objectivebill
Jul 28, 2001 6:41 PM
results, be skeptical. Although MRI's are pretty good, and getting better all of the time, any doc will tell you that they don't really know what they're dealing with (a) until they go in there with a scalpel and get to see/feel it and (b) until you get better/not better.
If you have a genuine joint anatomic abnormality, please do me a favor and stay away from chiropractors. Some are better than others, and what they do can help in addressing soft-tissue (nerve and muscle inflammation) injuries, but when you're talking about ruptured discs, just don't. Please?
Big difference between ruptured and bulging. Unfortunately, even some radiologists use the terms interchangeably. A rupture means that the jelly-like substance filling the cartilagenous disc space has torn, and the jelly is, typically, floating around somewhere near your spinal cord. If it is not actually pressing on the cord, sometimes even that isn't a big deal, and it can be treated with therapy and exercise.
A bulge is just that, a bulge. Doctors disagree with whether a bulge is really a signficant condition or whether the patient's symptoms result from plain ol' chronic nerve and muscle inflammation. Studies have shown that a surprising percentage of people with absolutely no symptoms have positive MRI test results, showing either a bulge or a rupture. Whether this means that the diagnostics are flawed or whether you can live happily with these conditions I'm not sure that anyone has figured out.
I've had painful episodes of sciatic inflammation that ultimately went away with lots of Motrin and heat. Nothing helped at first, and then over the course of a couple of days, the pressure just sort of dropped, and I felt better.
Backs are mysterious. Be skeptical, get lots of information, beware of quacks, and have a little faith in your body.
I'm not a doctor; I'm a lawyer, but I've got to know more about backs and the various professional opinions (there is little consensus on too much of this stuff) than I care to mention.
fragment of a ruptured disk between l4 &5johnrg
Jul 28, 2001 7:49 PM
Was on the couch 6-9 weeks after being slammed over the bars and landing flat on my back. MRI showed the fragment. I do not trust chiropractors for this type of injury. A doctor I know who does regular laminectomy and endescopic diskectomy felt if I was getting stonger and the pain lessening over time not to operate. I wanted opinions and had thought about the endiscopic treatment due to very small incision and sucking out the disk. Was told the disk fragment may also dissolve over time as it is fluid. I started to ride my trainer slowly and gained strength. Now back to normal at 200 miles per week. Took me about 6 months from my injury to feel comfortable once again. I took Aleve to lessen swelling and stretched regularly while slowly gaining strength on the bike indoors. No chiropractor because an adjustment may cause more damage. Gentle massage would be OK but your treatment should be only what you feel helps and is comfortable. Also keep stress to a minimum. If pain persists or gets worse then consider the above endiscopic treatment and lastly the laminectomy, but I would be really leary and scared of the laminectomy due to removal of portion of spine (so tools can be inserted) and scar tissue possibly causing similar pressure to the ruptured disk which may dissipate anyway over time.
I know of an M.D. himself who was given little hope forbill
Jul 29, 2001 7:12 AM
conservative treatment -- there was the disc fragment on film, the clinical picture was pretty clear, etc. About ten minutes after he scheduled surgery, he started feeling a bit better. Than a lot better. Now, he's pretty good, managing with exercise and anti-inflammatories.
Good for you. I'm glad it's working out.
I know of an M.D. himself who was given little hope forJohnG
Aug 4, 2001 5:45 AM
Most people show abnormal MRI's! This is NOT the be-all-end-all diagnostic tool that some people think.

Personal experience here. L5-S1 endoscopic diskectomy 11 years ago. My running "career" was over after the surgery! Still have mild pain occasionally. Be VERY careful about jumping to a surgical "solution"!!!

REST, anti-inflamatories, stretching..... try this path for 6 months before you resort to the more serious options. Resting is the hardest part of recovery.

good luck
Try thismoneyman
Jul 30, 2001 8:09 AM
Before you schedule surgery, or epidural cortisone or steroid shots, or any other invasive procedure, buy and read:

Healing Back Pain : The Mind-Body Connection -- by John E. Sarno, MD

The Mindbody Prescription : Healing the Body, Healing the Pain -- by John E. Sarno, MD

Mind over Back Pain : A Radically New Approach to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Back Pain -- by John E. Sarno, MD

Total cost for all three books is about $30. Read them and decide for yourself. There is a fair amount of controversy regarding Sarno's conclusions, but I can tell you from personal experience that he is spot-on. I spent the better part of six months thinking I would never ride a bike again, suffering the same symptoms you are describing. It does not have to be that way.

re: ruptured or bulging disc !Stahl
Aug 1, 2001 7:16 AM
I suffered with a herniated (ruptured)disc for about two years. I was in constent pain and tried everything to no avail. Then my wife saw a show about a doctor that claimed he can cure back pain. I thought, "I've tried everything else, this can't hurt", so I ordered his book. It was life changing. I went from not being able to do any physical activity to being more active than ever before, working out twice per day, six days per week with no back pain (I have been pain free for two years). The book is, Healing Back Pain, by John Sarno, M.D. Available on
re: ruptured or bulging disc !manicmtbr
Aug 16, 2001 6:35 PM
I suffered from a buldged disk a few years ago. It seemed like nothing would help me UNTIL I went to a good physical therapist. They will give you stretches and strengthening exercises that will help. You have to help yourself and do the exercices daily for the rest of your life. When I go through a bad period of pain (yes, it will return), I sometimes do my prescribed program 2 to 3 x per day and it helps tons.

Another good book is "Healing through Motion" by Dr. Peter Egosquoe. You want his first book as it is much better than the second book he published (not sure of title). Good luck. I know back pain is tough, but you need to take control and make all of the moves yourself.
re: ruptured or bulging disc !Subluxator
Aug 17, 2001 3:09 PM
My first suggestion for you is not to accept medical advice from people who are not doctors.... I am a chiropractor, and I can't tell you how many times patients completely misunderstand what they are facing. Surgery must be your last option, without a doubt. your chances of feeling better after surgery are somwhere around 50 percent, with you odds of feeling worse in the same neightborhood. either way, there is no turning back. Medications? is your back hurting because you have a lack of cortisone flowing through your body? don't think so. The biggest mistake people make is that they think their problem began when their symptom began. Without a doubt you have had a problem developing in your body for years if not decades, and to think that can be corrected in a short period of time (common belief) is ignorance. I have fixed dozens of pateints in your same condition, and have not once had a patient leave my office after treatment not feeling normal or 90 perecent of normal. I love that people look at chiropractor's as quacks, not realizing that medical doctor's kill 500 thousand people a year (do the research, harvard med school did) and chiropractors are the quacks. sounds ignorant to me. My advice to you is to follow your chiropactor's advice, it may take one month for some, it may take 1 year for others... your disc is bulging because your spine is not aligned properly, putting unnecessary pressure on some or all of your disc, causing a bulge, but what do i know, im just a doctor. would love to help ya, email me.