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"Breakout" or "Breakthru" events.(2 posts)

"Breakout" or "Breakthru" events.ATHiker
Jul 28, 2001 12:05 PM
I wonder if anyone here has ever had what is commonly known in training as a breakout. Supposedly this is an instance of performance much greater than the athlete was previously able to accomplish.
I ask because it seemed to happen to me this morning. I was performing my monthly TT test (as per Friel) and this morning averaged 27.3mph when my previous PR was 25.9mph. There was no wind and it was performed on the same course. I guess my question would be is it normal to suddenly see that kind of gain? I know that gains are not linear but I've been riding for 10 months now and had thought that the gains had really slowed down. Any thoughts on the subject would be welcome.
re: "Breakout" or "Breakthru" events.JustAGuy
Jul 30, 2001 3:41 PM
I personally don't really experience "breakthroughs" during training. I usually gradually get faster, month-by-month. I do, however, see those kinds of improvements (oddly enough) coming back from a long off-season.