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What pace could I do if......(2 posts)

What pace could I do if......James1
Jul 24, 2001 11:20 AM
I rode a road bike as opposed to my mountain bike? I'm currently on a Schwinn Homegrown Hardtail mountain bike with 1.75 semi-slick tires and average about 16.8-17.8 miles per hour over a 2 hour road ride on mostly flat terrain.

I can sustain 20-21 mph for a short time but not for very long.

Any guesstimates of what kind of pace I might be able to sustain on a decent road bike??
mm, no. but faster; definitely faster. depends onbill
Jul 24, 2001 12:06 PM
your stance (how aero you can get), your comfort in a different position, how you use these muscles in the different position (because it is different, and you will feel weird using the same muscles in a different way in the different position), etc., etc.
But faster.
Also consider that I've ridden with some guys on MTBs that were kind of scary how fast they could go on fat wheels. Maintaining speed in the low twenties. And one of them at least wasn't using slicks (he was, to be a little fair to me, a former road racer).