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Hotter than Hell Question, pertaining to Water.(2 posts)

Hotter than Hell Question, pertaining to Water.Canidraftyou
Jul 23, 2001 5:18 PM
I am doing the Hotter than Hell in Texas this August. I did the Century ride last year. This year Im doing the Race. The Cat 4 and 5's are doing 100 K (62 miles). My question is this, do they hand off water, or do you have to stop at a break station, or carry all your own water?


Peace out
re: Hotter than Hell Question, pertaining to Water.Birddog
Jul 29, 2001 12:23 PM
I rode the race last year and there was a neutral hand-up for small commercial luke warm bottles of water. There is also a feed zone where you can have someone give you a hand-up. My advice is to carry all you need with you. I made it on three bottles last year, but I could have used a fourth, I needed more. This year I'm carrying a camel back 72 oz and one bottle. I don't trust those neutral hand-ups, the people are well intentioned but not too skilled at what they do. There were several near misses in that area last year, and it is a perfect spot for a breakaway. Snooze and you lose, better to be self reliant in my opinion.