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Newbe QuestionsJimOCLV
Jul 22, 2001 11:16 PM
Was thinking about starting road raceing next year, right now im not ready. I have a trek 5200 oclv with ultegra 8spd that I brought used when I was 17 I havn't used as much as I would like, Would this be OK for racing cat 5? Also I use MTB cargo shorts for riding, would this look out of place in a CAT 5 race? DO most people wear the regular bike shorts? Im 135lbs 5'11-6'0 so i can climb OK but want to work on Sprinting, right now I can only hit 30mph tops on flat ground, what should i do to improve this, I really just started riding again and been doing a 5 miles hilly loop 2 times a day, hope to start doing it more but the people and traffic really annoy me. Also when I do race and get left behind by alot, do most people drop out or cross the line long after everyone else?

re: Newbe QuestionsDuane Gran
Jul 23, 2001 8:22 AM
Your bike is definitely race worthy, and as you will find, the engine has much more influence than the bike. You will look a little out of place in cargo pants, but I wouldn't let this stop you. If you can shell out $40 for a pair of cycling shorts you will be making a good investment though.

In order to increase your maximum speed it takes practice. For example, you can do seated speed drills of about 30 seconds each. Do these once or twice a week for 6 weeks and your speed will gradually improve. Mind you, before doing interval type of work it is vital that you have a good aerobic base or you will fatigue too quickly to have a quality workout.

As far as being dropped, it happens to everyone at some point. My recommendation is to finish the race if it happens. You paid your entry fee, so you should finish it out and make the best of the experience. Our strength isn't measured by our success as much as it is measured by our willingness to get up each time we fall.