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What's wrong? To many miles?(6 posts)

What's wrong? To many miles?Dean
Jul 20, 2001 4:41 AM
I know average speeds are misleading, but I do use them as an indicator of progress. My problem is that my monthly averages are lower this year compared to last year. It is not a case of having some really fast and some really slow rides. I consistently average about 17. I can hit 18 if I push hard and usually go down to 16 on easy days. The problem is that I do not seem to be improving. I have already ridden more miles this year (1400) than all of last year (1240). Am I increasing my mileage to much to soon? This is my fourth year riding seriously and over the winter, I bought a new bike, so my equipment is not at fault. I could stand to lose a few pounds, but I am about the same weight as last year. I attempt riding with my local club's fast group on Thursdays. I have gone out 4 times and gotten dropped 3 times. Upon getting dropped, I take a shortcut and hook back up with the group. I seem to be able to keep up better later in the ride. You all know how upsetting getting dropped is and it is really starting to bother me that I get dropped consistently. Although I can maintain the pace (22-24mph) for parts of the ride, I will not be happy until I can keep it the entire ride and not feel like I am going to die. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
re: What's wrong? To many miles?jschrotz
Jul 20, 2001 9:00 AM
You might look into reducing your volume (miles) and start increasing your intensity with some interval workouts and such. I'd need to know what your current training routine is like to help more. Keep going to the local club ride. The only way you're going to get faster is to just get out there and suffer through it. Eventually your body will adapt and it'll get easier to handle. Also make sure that you're giving yourself enough recovery time between hard rides. Proper recovery makes a huge difference.
Thanks for the help...nmDean
Jul 20, 2001 9:08 AM
Probably notKerry Irons
Jul 20, 2001 5:38 PM
but you might not be warming up enough before the start of the ride. An intense ride requires a proper warmup, and that might be why you get hammered early on but then can keep up later. Intervals are good preparation for this kind of ride, too.
re: What's wrong? To many miles?John Frank
Jul 20, 2001 6:00 PM
A couple of things come to mind. First, I purchased a new bike over the winter as well and experienced the same thing. My old bike was set up with a rather relaxed seat tube angle (around 70 degrees), the new bike's seat tube is steeper (around 74 degrees). It seems that the new bike's steeper angle changed the leg muscles that are used while riding. On the new bike, I can feel the front part of my quad's being exercized quite a bit more. The old bike seemed to emphasized the muscles on the sides of my quads. After training for several months, I'm back up to my old speeds.

Secondly, you may be overtraining. If you're going out frequently (everday) and going hard every time you go out, you'll legs will get to a point where they won't heal up (recover) in between rides and you'll plateau. If this is the case, you may actually find that you get faster if you take some time off.
Intervals and rest...Canidraftyou
Jul 21, 2001 12:00 AM
My first year on the road bike, I put in 6432.5 miles. Its INTERVALS and REST. Must have rest and do your intervals. Amoung other thing. With the limited info. Thats all I can recommend. The question may be, and this is speculation, am I training to hard with the milage I put in. Maybe your hammering to often. A horse trainer would never Run his Million Dollar horse hard every day. The first thing the owner is going to ask of the trainer, is how frequent are the rest periods. Treat yourself like a Million bucks. And train right. I dont like pushing products since they're not paying me, so I wont. Buy a training book, something that'll get into a program. There is a couple out there.

Peace out,