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The Colnago FINALLY(11 posts)

The Colnago FINALLYlonefrontranger
Jul 18, 2001 10:36 PM
It's here, it's built, it's incredibly gorgeous, and it flies!!! No more racing crits on the 26.4 lb. 'cross bike from hell, woohoo!

gottagoridegottagoridegottagoride - hey wait a minute...

Does this mean I now no longer have any excuse to suck?

the "no excuses bike"Dog
Jul 19, 2001 5:58 AM
What did you get? I knew when I got my C40 that I was surely screwed. If I suck, there are no excuses, at least bike related, now. Maybe not such a good idea.

Well, there are always flat tires.

flat tireslonefrontranger
Jul 19, 2001 8:24 AM
Geez, did you have to bring that up? I finished the Weld RR with 15 psi in my back tire. A parting shot from the Redline. Poor old thing has been dropping subtle hints all season that it's tired and needs new parts. The week before that my cleat retention spring broke the day after the Longmont crit (got to commute to work one-legged, happy happy joy joy). A couple weeks before that, the housing on the front mech cable disintegrated 15 minutes before the start at the AST crit (which you definitely need a front mech for). Had to put a whole 70 grams of electrical tape on to fix it, boy did THAT ever weigh me down :)

Check my response to bill for the specs on the new scoot!
Good for you. What model, group? Paint? Have fun. nmbill
Jul 19, 2001 6:40 AM
It's a Dream Plus with Record 10 (more)lonefrontranger
Jul 19, 2001 8:29 AM
My new dream machine is, literally a Dream.

50cm Dream Plus (Al frame) with LX14 (yellow/orange Luxe) paint, Force fork, Campag Record 10-speed group, USE Alien carbon seatpost, Selle SLR saddle, ITM Millenium stem, Deda anatomical bar, Speedplay X-2 pedals, and a Mavic Cosmos wheelset shod with Michelin APs for just funnin' around. For serious I've got a pair of Zipp 303' tubies (Conti Sprinters) on the way.

If I can figure out the image posting I'll get my crappy webcam out and experiment tonight. That should irritate the Colnago-haters over in the gallery!
Definitley a "no more excuses" bike.J.S.
Jul 19, 2001 8:59 AM
Sounds nice, that thing should be in the 16lb range with the 303's. Once you ride those wheels for a bit I'd like to hear about them, I'm torn between those and HED Alps for my new race wheels.
Zipp 303sBipedZed
Jul 19, 2001 11:48 AM
I've been racing on a set of the carbon 303s for about two months, including crits, TTs, and hilly RRs. I'm running Vittoria Corsa CX tubulars. The wheels are unbelievable light and are really noticeable when accelerating - particularly on short steep hills. Acceleration out of corners I seem to spin up to speed much quicker than even my Velomax Ascent Comps. The silica braking surface is great when dry and tends to be a little grabbier than an aluminum braking surface. It does wear down stock DA pads much quicker. I'm 150lbs and have pretty decent power and the wheels are plenty stiff. The Swiss-made Edbo hubs are extremely smooth. Build quality is good, out of the box they were laterally true but had some minor vertical hops that I took out - but keep in mind I'm a perfectionist. The Vittorias mounted easily with no real pre-stretching and the adhesive bond is strong. 2 cured coats on the rim + 1 mounting coat and 1 cured coat of glue on the base tape and I have no worries at all about rolling the tires.

The 38mm section is affected by cross winds, and I find I'm not as confident on fast descents on poor surfaces due to the extreme light weight. The wheels seem to "jump" more over bumps and irregularities. As I discovered last weekend, these wheels do not brake well in wet conditions.

I don't know much about the HED Alps, but the Zipp 303s are great race wheels.

Zipp is currently way back-logged with orders. It took me almost 8 weeks to get my set and I ordered end of March.
Thanks for the info.J.S.
Jul 20, 2001 8:49 AM
I was curious about how easy tubulars were to mount on them. Thanks again.
Sounds beautiful. How do you like that saddle? I'll hide mybill
Jul 19, 2001 9:54 AM
comments about Record 10 behind this warning: CAMPY HATERS BEWARE! OBJECTIONAL MATERIAL FOLLOWS
Isn't Record 10 the best? I mean isn't it? A little and you're off. Want to change three gears? Change em. One? little flick. Want to go from big ring to small, but you also want to change cogs? no problem. Right there; precise.
What cassette? You're in CO, right?
Saddle is excellent (Warning: mild Shimano-bashing below)lonefrontranger
Jul 19, 2001 2:49 PM
The SLR is much friendlier than it looks, although I'm most likely one of the few women who rides one. It's a tad slippery, but one good rainstorm should fix that (did on all my Flites, anyhow). If, that is, I can stand to ride my new baby in the rain.

I particularly like the combo of carbon seatpost and flexy saddle with that silky Colnago ride. After four seasons of being jackhammered by various ultra-stiff US-built framesets, it's sheer heaven.

re: Record-10. Hon, you're not telling me anything I didn't already know and have dreamed about since I started racing. As far as grouppo preference, I'm merely coming home after many years of walking the dark path (partially broke and somewhat sponsored with various STI rigs). My first bike had Campagnolo Victory 7-speed that I upgraded to Sachs Ergo 8 because I couldn't afford the real thing. I upgraded it to Athena as soon as I had the chance. Sadly that bike long ago went to Italian Steel Heaven at the hands of an inattentive driver, and the salvaged parts fell to bits on my first 'cross bike.

I have to say that Shimano is reasonably reliable, functional and most of all affordable, and kept me in bike parts during the bad days. I wouldn't call myself a Campagnolo fundamentalist, but boy is it nice stuff! Smooth, crisp - I simply love that positive Campag feel! Oh yeah, and it LOOKS cool, too.

No more cheap, rattling dustcaps! No more braking when I shift to the big ring! No more untrimmable chain rattle! No more ultra finicky indexing that goes out with 1mm of cable stretch! No more endless Shimano BB creak! No more Rolf Hub Warranty Noise! No more return springs that go bad after only one season's use!

Did I mention I'm putting Daytona on the 'cross bike?
You sound so happy, you're making me happy. Thanks. nmbill
Jul 20, 2001 6:08 AM