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Cramping Problems - Suggestions?(3 posts)

Cramping Problems - Suggestions?DTandy
Jul 14, 2001 3:47 PM
About 1 1/2 year ago (age 28) I started experiencing cramping problems around mile 35 on hard group rides. This was after several years of no cramping at all regardless of intensity or length. I have made sure that my hydration levels stay high but that hasn't seemed to help much. What are some of the products that riders with similar problems have tried? I use a potassium supplement (around 3% RDA) but that doesn't seem to help.
several factorsFoster
Jul 16, 2001 1:46 PM
I had a similar problem last year. I would cramp up while warming up, during a ride or at night after a ride. What I believe to be the cause in my case was a drastic change in ride intensity and lack of proper nutrition. At the time, I had up'ed the intensity and spent a lot of the hot summer days climbing in the mountains. Look at any changes in your riding and/or diet. I lowered the intensity of my rides for a few weeks and also kept a close eye on the foods I ate after that and the cramps went away.
re: Cramping Problems - Suggestions?davtnyc
Jul 25, 2001 8:57 AM
its probably salt deficiency.
try calcium and magnesium supplements along with the potassium.
it worked for me