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another REALLY newbie questionVance inMontana
Jul 13, 2001 2:53 PM
These are super basic newbie questions , but I've got to start somewhere. Bought an older road bike to train on for my mtn biking & am now really liking this roadie thing . One thing leads to another & now I'm starting to think of racing the road bike . I've raced mtn bikes some but have never even SEEN a road race in person (thank goodness for OLN). So , what constitutes the different types of races,(specifically criterium), how do the catagorys compare to mtn bike classes(beginer , sport etc)& anything else you think I need to know.Thanks , Vance.
Some answersKerry Irons
Jul 15, 2001 4:08 PM
Road race: typically more than 30 miles, usually 70-140 miles, depending on your category and the signficance of the race (e.g. state championships tend to be longer). Can be run on a loop, but the loop is typically several miles long (sometimes also called a circuit race).

Crit: often 20 minutes plus a couple of laps to 60 minutes plus a couple of laps (again, depends on category, etc.). Course is typically 1 mile or less, so the emphasis is on cornering ability and ability to deal with lots of accelerations.

Road categories are Cat. 5 (beginner) to Cat. 1 (nearly ready for the pros). You move out of Cat. 5 based on experience alone (10 races and you can move up, sooner if you convince the officials of your skills). To move up from Cat. 4, you have to get results. The upgrade requirements are available on the USCF web site.
Some answersVance in Montana
Jul 15, 2001 8:31 PM
Thanks much Kerry , those are the answers I was looking for . Vance in Montana