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Need racing advice!!!(2 posts)

Need racing advice!!!NOOBIE
Jul 12, 2001 3:31 PM
What are good average speeds for road races?
re: Need racing advice!!!MeMyselfandI
Jul 12, 2001 4:16 PM
Typically a 4/5 race will average around 24mph or 25mph depending on terrain. Also depending on the field size, a bigger field will go faster.
But it's a real wide range of speeds. 4s races often start fast and then settle down. If there is a period where there are many attacks, 4s often don't let attacks go and chase down everything. The speeds can reach 30 mph in a situation like that. But in the rare instance a break were to succeed, then most 4s races pack it in and the speeds will chill out to 22 or less.