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How to start racing?(4 posts)

How to start racing?Beth
Jul 10, 2001 1:21 PM
I just started road riding and some races this year. What I'm wondering is where can I get help with my riding and how to start racing? Are clinics a good idea or where should I start?
Local cycling clubKerry Irons
Jul 10, 2001 6:29 PM
If there is a bike club in your area, start riding with them. Ask around about who knows something about racing. Even if the club doesn't have a racing team associated with it, there are probably some riders who race or at least have some knowledge of racing and training. (Free) clinics are not that common, to my knowledge. Ones like Phinney-Carpenter are around $150/day (includes lodging) plus your transport there and back. You've got lots to learn before you want to start sinking that kind of cash into it.
ask at the bike shopDuane Gran
Jul 11, 2001 7:40 AM
You bike shop will probably know of some teams in the area. You can also contact the USCF ( for teams in the United States.
re: How to start racing?MAII
Jul 12, 2001 6:39 AM
Well since you said "I just started road riding and some races this year " Sounds like you already STARTED racing!

I second what has been said about finding a club! I raced mtb's for a couple of years ( had some pretty decent sponsors but no local teamamtes!) I tried a few road races and cyclocross races last year and loved it. this year I decide to race road. Here in the NorthEast we have lots of clubs that have racing and non-racing members. I was lucky enough to find an excellent club with a large women's racing team. I love training with other women. Our club also sponsors a free learn to cycle clinic every spring. If you can not find a clinic try and ride with racers and have them teach you how to do a rotating paceline, how to sprint off a wheel and such. Don't fret if you don't hook up with other racers right will happen once you've done a few races you will meet lots of people. Ask people at your shop if they know of any women racers in the area..their might even be a retired pro around who wouldn't mind giving you so coaching.
Until then about the only thing you need to race is fitness and following a few simple rules ( well, you need a bike too : ) Riding in the pack IMHO the most important things are stay on the wheel in front of you, maintain your line ( that means don't dart all over the place ) and try and stay away from the back half of the pack for two reasons one as a new racer if the front excellerates it's easier to get dropped if you are at the back. Two crashing generally happens in the last 3rd of the pack. Best wishes and have a great time!