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4 weeks or less to get ready for cyclocross(2 posts)

4 weeks or less to get ready for cyclocrossMAII
Jul 7, 2001 2:37 PM
A week ago I was racing in a stage race, racing with probably the best high end fitness I have ever had, as the result of smart base training and lots of strategically placed tempo and threshold workouts. Well, that was a week ago! To make a long story short I got taken out during the stage race and just got home from a 5 day hospital stay ( flat on my back hospital stay! )I have a fractured spine and will be in a full body "clamshell brace" for the next 7 weeks or so. I will have about 4 weeks to "get ready" for cross. anyone here ever have this injury? Anyone here ever go from no fitness to racing in 4 wks (remember I do have years of base miles behind me)? I do plan to keep some fitness by hiking an hr or so a day and I am also trying to get a recumbent hooked up to a trainer to keep some muscle memory going.
Any Ideas?
Good grief!rollo tommassi
Jul 7, 2001 5:48 PM
Ouch! So sorry to hear this happened to you - we had a local rider crash two weeks ago and he too is in a 'clamshell' brace! He is okay, but taking a lot of painkillers.

I must say that my immediate thought for you is to take care of yourself first - and I mean let your body heal correctly and not force yourself forward when it should be recuperating. It would be worse if you complicated things by continuing to injure yourself!

You do not give details as to the injury, but a fractured spine sounds very serious to me! What does your doctor say? If he has you trussed up for 7 weeks, I can't imagine that he'd be happy to hear you doing strenuous exercise 7 weeks and one day later. Especially in the case of cyclocross training, with running and the the twisting of the trunk in the dismount/bike carry.

I know you must be very discouraged about this injury, but I feel that there is some denial about your condition in all this. Yes, it is very unfortunate that this happenend at your physical peak (is there ever good timing for an injury!?), but your recovery is as much a part of training your body as riding is.

Hope you're feeling alright otherwise ;)