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always wonderedjbrown2036
Jul 6, 2001 10:31 AM
I've had riding manners drilled into me for years and I'm having a hard problem with letting some things go that hold me back in racing; which also leads me to some questions.
When moving forward in the pack I keep telegraphing my moves by telling people I'm moving to the front or passing on your left-can I stop doing this and simply go wherever I may in the pack? I see a crash and I have to stop and make sure the other rider is ok-other riders just blow by, aren't we required to stop? (it's not like it's the Tour for chrissakes). Doesn't slower traffic have to keep right, or can people just ride anywhere? (passing lapped riders)

Thanks for any insight you can offer.
wonder no moreOld Guy
Jul 6, 2001 1:23 PM
_Telegraphing_ moves is appreciated all the time. "Passing on your left" is totally uncalled for and a little weird. Don't be shy about touching the hip of people on your sides and slightly in front of you, especially if you're in their blind spot. The reason you pay an entry fee is so you don't have to stop for a crash. That's what the ambulance/sag wagon is there for. If it's your teammate you may be expected to stop with them, unless you're the lead rider and he's your domestique. Slower traffic does not have to keep right, left or anywhere. It's a race; there are no traffic laws.
wonder no morejim hubbard
Jul 6, 2001 3:50 PM
A can remember reading a while ago an article, can't remember in what or who it was with exactly but the it was about the difference between racing in europe and in the states. The thing I can remember was that this rider was saying that in the states there is alot of bumping, and diving for gaps etc Basically things that just don't happen in europe. If I am boxed in I will usually take one hand off the bars and point to where I am wanting to go. Usually I will be let in. However if the speed is high and people are hanging and you are boxed you probably aren't going to get out. In a race stopping for people, well in depends on the accident. If it is serious then people usually stop if it is someone just coming off in the gravel well no. This is case of judgement. I did a four day tour a month ago where on the first stage two riders came down they bounced into the path of a a couple of large trucks, everyone thought that these two were going to get run over, they didn't however. The entire peleton stopped 300m up the road, so each time it comes down to judgement. As for slower traffic it depends on which way the peleton is echloned, usually you can see where the slower rides are. Hope this helps.