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No more muscle pain!! your thoughts!!(2 posts)

No more muscle pain!! your thoughts!!bear
Jul 5, 2001 7:08 PM
I change 3 things and I am not sure with did it!! I stared taking B-complex 2) I take GU 50 minutes into my training and I stretch like hell after I finish and now I have no more muscle pains the day after a hard ride or a long ride? A body of mine thinks is just that the training is paying off....I wish I knew what made the different,,the B-complex was advise by an old 7/11 pro now retire from biking..any thoughts??
re: No more muscle pain!! your thoughts!!rollo tommassi
Jul 7, 2001 5:54 PM
Ha - that's funny, some of the ex-7-11's I've met advised great quantities of BEER as dietary supplement (Flying Pig), but that was many years ago when we were all younger (and a much, much different story!).....

B-complex vits. are good all-round supplements, anti-oxidant, etc. which would explain better legs.

Sometimes it's not any 'one' thing that clicks, but a combination of many things over the weeks that culminate in a happier July/August (than March, April, May and June!)