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What is considered a good cruising speed?(7 posts)

What is considered a good cruising speed?Jon York
Jul 3, 2001 8:00 PM
I'm new to road biking and originally bought my Trek 2300 as a training vehicle for my mountain bike. I've just started logging my times, speeds and distance using the CATEYE cordless. I ride on mostly hilly and flat road courses and was wondering what is a good cruising speed for 20 to 25 mile rides. Thanks, Jon
re: What is considered a good cruising speed?Woof the dog
Jul 4, 2001 1:24 AM
Okay, a quickie here. for hilly rides (~1 minute climbs) and downhills with a few .2 to .3 mile flat stretches a fine cruising speed is right around 20-21 mph, if you are good or in a group, then maybe up to 23 to 24 mph. Wind in your face means negative 2 mph out of your average. With the wind and hilly add up 1 mph. Its all relative though. For fairly flat 25 mile ride if you go fairly hard an extended period of time, you could be anywhere from 21 to 25. Again, wind makes a difference. Remember, if you are starting out, you could be anywere from 16 mph and up on a hilly one and maybe around 19 mph for a flat one. I rode at least two years training hard but not regularly, plus all the commuting miles. Without miles in your legs and a simple muscle mass on your thighs you just can't average good thats why you need time and miles. I don't want to sound a smart ass and all that, although I already did. I am not that good at all, I am just totally into biking stuff. Hope this helps.
Woof, the furry dog.
re: What is considered a good cruising speed?wolfejy
Jul 5, 2001 2:22 PM
Thanks for the technical info on the wind and hills. I appreciate your response.

no simple answerDuane Gran
Jul 4, 2001 6:01 AM
When I started riding I wanted to know this sort of thing too, however there isn't a simple answer. Someone who has been riding seriously for a year or more can at best give you a sample of how his or her cruising speed has improved. That info may be useful, so I'll share it with you.

When I started riding I considered my ~35 mile ride at 16mph average to be a good day. I remember the day I averaged 16.5 and felt awesome. I was pushing it pretty hard, but today I do that speed on my recovery ride. The speed gradually increased and these days I typically post an average speed around 18mph and on my tempo ride I have hit 21.6mph for my personal best.

Someone else with 3 years of serious riding experience will probably have higher averages, but then again maybe not. I live in a moderately hilly area and terrain can make a big difference. Be wary about comparing your efforts to others though since it simply takes time and effort. I can relate to this because I'm still very eager to improve too quickly. I recommend keeping a training log so that you can see your improvement. This will help your morale when you hit platues.

Bottom line - you will get better if you keep at it.
no simple answerwolfejy
Jul 5, 2001 2:19 PM
Thank you, I'm learning as I go and every little bit helps.

Jon Wolfe
Jul 4, 2001 11:28 AM
My club has a regular 10 mile TT course, no real hills, just some rollers. The word is that you get inside 30 min (i.e. 20mph average) then you are in the ball park, and work from there. As said above, wind takes a toll though. In general, if I'm out on my own for a general training ride and can average 20 over an hour on a fairly flat course, then I'm pretty happy. Make that 23 with a group over longer periods.

Just rough, but not a bad start I think...
Jul 5, 2001 2:20 PM
Thanks....I appreciate your input.