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Armstrong Quits!!!!(6 posts)

Armstrong Quits!!!!alansutton
Jun 27, 2001 1:17 PM
Joe Armstrong, of Joe's Brake and Muffler out on Highway 9, announced today
that he was definitely calling it quits, vis-a-vis, you know, the whole
brake and muffler thing.

"I'm just fukin' sick a' brakes, brakes, brakes," Armstrong told the guy
passing out on the rat-chewed bar stool next to him, "and I've pretty much
lost whatever passion I used to have for mufflers, too."

Armstrong has been in the brake and muffler business for 15 years, and at
the peak of his career had been known to be able to replace the same muffler
in the same car 3 separate times over the course of a month, without ever
once getting it right.

"He could do a brake job so good," business associate, Jane Air, told
reporters, "that by the time you noticed that he'd done it all wrong -- it
was too late. If you know what I mean."

Despite wide-spread rumors, Armstrong totally denies he has any plans
whatsoever of opening, like, a Joe's Radiator and Transmission, across from
the Toyota dealership out on Highway 12.

Armstrong also claimed his sudden retirement has absolutely nothing to do
with like how, a couple months ago, some vandals spray painted out the "ler"
in 'Muffler" on his big sign out front.
re: Armstrong Quits!!!!JohnnyA
Jun 27, 2001 2:30 PM
that's so cute! how'd you do that?rollo tommassi
Jun 27, 2001 3:37 PM
Do you call that the ROTFLMAO Man? Pac-ROTFLMAO?
that's so cute! how'd you do that?JohnnyA
Jun 28, 2001 10:34 AM
add the URL for the image in the post an Image-URL box on the reply.

There's quite a few spots out there that have a variety of smileys.
Pantini's scathing remarks in return !!!!!!!!QUADzilla
Jun 27, 2001 2:41 PM
Sam Pantini of Pantini Toyota on Highway 12 says:"Armstrong was bad for my business. Everyone of my toyota customers went there, because they new they could get a free pipe job every two months that was guaranteed to blow away everyone. His brakes never held anyone back on the mountain passes around here, and all the other competitor's customers were left in tears holding their nuts (lug nuts)".

As reported by the Uhlrich Daily News.
Ullrich RespondsMaillot Rouge
Jun 28, 2001 9:55 AM
John Ullrich of Ullrich's Brake and Muffler, Foreign and Domestic, responded to the shocking news of Armstrong's retirement with words of praise for his former competitor. "Armstrong was really my only competition, with him finally out of the scene I will finally be able to make some money." Wiping the ketchup and mustard from his Wendy's Big Bacon Deluxe off his face he continued, "I have really had to cut the fat out of my operation to even come close to winning (customers). I will miss him but I will finally be able to put food on the table."