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Runner's Knee - brace for cycling(7 posts)

Runner's Knee - brace for cyclingtrimble
Jun 18, 2001 6:25 PM
I'm been diagnosed with a mild case of Runner's knee (the kneecap is off track causing grinding). No pain, but there is a general weakness in the knee.

The doc said I could try a knee brace that isolates the patella, but those are bulky and hot. Has anyone tried a brace (really a strap) that fits just below the kneecap? What brace did you use and what was the result using it? I want to use a brace when riding. I ride anywhere between 2-5 hrs at a 16mph pace.

re: Runner's Knee - brace for cyclingjaybird
Jun 19, 2001 8:54 AM
Check out a couple of different brands of the patella straps... There is some big differences in the way they fit behind your knee which is the main issue when using it fr cycling... You might also find that the braces dont stay in position very well and in that case you can just use a little athletic tape.

Good luck
re: Runner's Knee - brace for cyclingTurtleherder
Jun 19, 2001 3:30 PM
I used one of those bands for a few months last year. Can't remember the name of it off hand. It was black on one side, blue on the other neoprene that wrapped around the knee just below the knee cap, held by velcro. If you kept it tight it did the trick even at high cadence (over 120). I found it at Walgreens Drug for about six dollars. It worked well, took the pressure off the knee cap and was not too hot.
re: Runner's Knee - brace for cyclingdrdoug26
Jun 23, 2001 11:33 PM
What kind of doctor did you see? I hope an Orthopedist.
Usually the patellae (knee cap)tracking problem can be
greatly helped by strengthening the VMO (vastus medialus).
This is the muscle that you can see, on the inside of the
knee. It looks like a tear drop.

I would recommed that you go through a course of physical
therapy, with the goal of strengthening your quads, especially
the VMO. This should greatly help with your patellae tracking

Dr. Doug
is that what i have doctor or is it a torn somethingishmael
Jun 24, 2001 7:46 AM
do i have runners knee? my left knee (only) has slight pain and seemingly has sinews that run over the area just outside the kneecap...ill try the exercises but are these the symptoms of runners knee or is there a skin over the knee cap area which i have torn (thats what it feels like) will kind of pop (outside bottom) when almost extended and also (outside and above) when bent to about 100 degrees, i can feel what seems to be a band running over these areas and with pressure on the knee it will be an audible pop...the knee also cracks loudly sometimes which i can always anticipate and further bring out with a couple of extensions...this has become a reocuring problem which i thought had healed with rest and strenghening exercises (non weighted extensions), but when i started to ride alot of hard miles it came slightly aches if used alot and ive gotten a doc to look at it and i forget what he said but he has already misdiagnosed it once (said it would be gone in a week or two) i understand his new diagnosis there is a tear in some kind of skin above the knee but i havent been able to find any info about this injury or even this supposed skin so im thinking i miss understood him...i did feel a slight, sharp, quick pain the day all my problems started which concerned me and had been riding with my seat too high..thanks for your help, ive got to get insurance soon
is that what i have doctor or is it a torn somethingdrdoug26
Jun 26, 2001 3:40 PM
I'm confused about what and where your are talking about. If you mean truely over the knee cap (or anteriorly to the knee cap) what it sounds like is the bursa. This sometimes can be felt underneath the skin over the patellae. These bursas sometimes can swell. When not swelling they can feel like a little piece of hard string. He may also be talking about the Plica, which also sometimes can be felt as a little hard string under the skin.

The thing that concerns me is the popping that you are hearing. I would worry about "free bodies" or aka "joint mice" that may have developed with in the knee joint itself especially if your over 40. Poping could also be a sign of a torn meniscus.

Officially, I recommend that you see an orthopedist now to properly diagnose this problem. If you must wait, I would recommend that you start buy getting an x-ray of that knee. The x-ray will show if there is any free bodies inside the joint space(which is the space between the shine bone, thigh bone, and under the patellae.) The x-ray can not see the cartilage or ligaments. If your over 35 or so its normal to have a little crepitation with in the knee, I do myself. But it should not be painful when it crack, and it should not ever "catch". These two sign are not a good!

The ultimate test is an MRI. The MRI will show everything within the knee including the cartilage(which if torn, also can cause poping or a catching feeling,),Ligaments, plica etc.

As far as the seat goes, usually the higher the better with respect to the knee. I keep mine very high. In the winter when I was riding about 400 miles/week, I started to experience some knee pain around the patellae, kind of a inflammatory/overuse type pain. I slowly raised up my seat just below the point where my hips would rock side to side from pedeling. Got instant relief and have been riding very well this year. Sometime by moving your cleat position around you can relieve some knee pains as well.

So, try to get an x-ray to start (sometimes your local chiropractor can do this cheaply) and make sure the joint is clear.(The chiropractor should be able to read this with no problem). If its clear, take some time off again (I know you hate to hear that) and rehab it by using Ice (25 minutes - crushed ice in a plastic bag is all I use), taking anti-inflammatorys (2 aleve every 12 hours is usually all I need to treat a minor inflammatory process)and stretch, stretch, stretch. It will feel better. Then easy back into your riding slowing while continuing your aleve (watch your stomach - aleve may irritate it - if so, see your MD and get Celebrex.) IF THIS PROBLEM IS NOT BETTER IN 4 TO 6 WEEKS, YOU NEED TO SEE AN ORTHOPEDIST.

Hope this helps.


Heres a link where you can learn a lot.
Jun 26, 2001 10:26 PM
the problem really isnt limiting at all, i can still ride hard and long but ill get a dull ache will ache after i ride and for days if i ride too much, but the only limit is when i empose them and force myself to rest....there are two kinds of poping, one is just like cracking your knuckle and i can get it to do that 5 or 6 times a day...i can feel it coming and then when i go to straighten itll happend, it never hurts, its even kind of enjoyable...the other noise happends when these seeming strings run over the upper and outer and also the lower and outer area beside the knee cap when the leg is flexed or extended, they are audible sometimes if i put alot of pressure on them..they dont really hurt either but they are new and im sure they have to do with the aching im feeling what do you think, i cant go to a doc because i dont have health insurance yet and im broke...could i have torn something, it did give me a slight sharp pain the day it all started..can i ride through it, ive been taking it easy and the pain is only sometimes when i ride, i was hoping that if i ice it, streach, strengthen the big muscle in front, spin, and dont do too many miles it would heal...this had worked for me till last month and then i got excited and reinjured it going too really like to know what i have but dont have a doc available whom i trust