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Velomax wheels(3 posts)

Velomax wheelssissy boy
Jun 17, 2001 6:31 PM
Any one riding on these wheels. I'm looking for a set of wheels in the $700.00 price range. Looking for light stiff wheelset. These wheels seem to have nice hubs. Any problems with them? I'm interested in the Ascent comp.
re: Velomax wheelsbigbadtrikid
Jun 18, 2001 1:24 PM
If you look around like in classifieds or ask around at your LBS you can find wheel sets for less than you'd pay for the fromt wheel. watch out though, some people throw lemons out there. When you are looking at wheels look for how true they are, make sure the spoke tension is equal and ask if they used them for training or racing and how many miles are on them ect. I'm hoping you knew all of this. If you look really hard you can find awesome deals. I found a pair of HED Jet Deep wheels that were raced on twice and are only a year old for $100. Thats $700 less then what they ran. If you find some cheap wheels you'll have your big fat cusiony wallet to land on when you crash.
re: Velomax wheelsdavtnyc
Jun 22, 2001 12:40 PM
i've a set of ascent comps for racing. i really like them, lighter and quicker than my ksyriums and strong enough to withstand rough roads - my front wheel went slightly out after hitting a canyon like pothole at 30mph.
if you're concerned about strength or weigh more than 170 go for the orion comps, a few grams heavier with a couple of extra spokes.