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Im off the bike due to saddle sores.(1 post)

Im off the bike due to saddle sores.smokinjoe
Jun 16, 2001 8:51 PM
Ouch! Ive had them off and on for five years but they've always cleared up w/ a little nusing. But this latest set has put me sitting on a stuffed pillow donut gulping antibiotics.
I have a hairy butt and sweat terribly so that probaly doesnt help matters. I never wear dirty shorts but do use bodyglide on longer rides. Now im handwashing my shorts in hibiclense and hang drying in the sun. I also broke out w/ a terrible case of jock itch about the same time in which i had to get a RX for that. I must have either rode some nasty shorts by accident or just got a case of fungus that went rampent. I thought about shaving my rear end and washing before each ride if that what it takes to prevent this in the future.