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3 Centuries in 3 Days - Any help?(3 posts)

3 Centuries in 3 Days - Any help?Wiso
Jun 9, 2001 7:46 AM
I'm 48 yrs old, and on June 15 I will be starting a long ride around Puerto Rico, following the coastline (mostly sea level). I will be covering the distance in three days (more than 100 miles on each day). My highest one-day distance is 80 miles. I need some help (besides mental help!) and tips on how to survive this ride. By the way: I'm doing it "solo" (the other 9 riders had some "personal situations"). My wife will be meeting me for lunch and at night every day.
Pace yourself and...biknben
Jun 9, 2001 2:25 PM
...lube your ass. I've done 2 centuries in three days. I took a day off in between. I have blocked all memories of the pain. Actually it wasn't that bad because I took it easy on a very flat route.

Seriously...You waited too long to ask for advice. At this point any advice will be too late.

I would have recommended that you at least do a century beforehand to prepare yourself. I've had people tell me that when preparing to do a long distance ride you should be able to do half the distance comfortably.

With just 5 days to go I would rest, hydrate, and rest. Make sure your bike is in perfect working condition. During the ride, drink before your thirsty and eat before your hungry. If it starts to get ugly just think about your wife waiting for you at the end.

Good luck
Pace yourself and...Wiso
Jun 18, 2001 11:37 AM
I made it... almost! On the morning of my third and last day, on top of a mountain, my back rim bended and I was unable to continue my solo trip. On my first two days I covered over 200 miles, and felt good (except for my little ass).
I think I will try this again later this year (unless a psychiatrist institutionalizes me).