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Yet more knee pain.... help.(2 posts)

Yet more knee pain.... help.DannyBoy
Jun 5, 2001 6:32 AM
I have just returned to cycling after a long lay off with Patella Tendonitis (this is now going) and have a new problem.

Having got back on to the bike, and taken it quite easy, I'm discouraged to have a new 'pain'. It is centered to the top on the knee cap where I assume the Rectus Femoris joins, the pain is mild, but quite sore even after gentle riding, and radiates up the thigh slightly. I do not think the pain comes from behind the kneecap.

I've been using a lot of ice, rest, nsaids etc. No real change.

For info I'm riding a well set up new custom bike with speedplay's, and using a Cho-Pat strap for the Patella tendonitis??? Just can't see what I'm doing wrong - I seem to go from one knee complaint to another. HELP.
re: Yet more knee pain.... help.drdoug26
Jun 6, 2001 12:56 AM
Try raising the seat up. I to had this "supra patellar tendonitis".
I raised my seat up quite a bit and got instant relief. I'm currently @ 29 3/4 inches from center of bottom bracket to top of seat. I'm 5'9'' w/ inseam of 32 inches. Make sure your hips are not rocking on the bike, thats too high.
Also make sure your seat is back far enogh. A plumb line from
your knee (w/ peddles @ 3 and 9 o'clock) should fall behind the center of the peddel axis.

Hope it helps.