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Exercise Enduced Asthma(4 posts)

Exercise Enduced AsthmaMichelle
Jun 4, 2001 5:28 PM
Just curious - does anyone out there suffer from Exercise enduced asthma (EIA)? If so, what are some of the symptoms you've experience and how have you handled it?
re: Exercise Enduced Asthmacp123
Jun 4, 2001 9:13 PM
Hi Michelle - I get asthma not specifically from exercise, but just generally. I use seretide as a preventer with a long acting reliever twice a day and ventolin as necessary otherwise. As far as riding goes, I don't usually get into any trouble (Touch wood!) and i do anywhere between 150 and 300 km per week depending, but I'm much worse with exercise during winter where the temperature on morning rides can easily be down to -5 to -7 degrees celcius. Then I generally just ride slowly to warm up otherwise i could start to cough badly. And it can sound disgusting - kind of chunky. I normally ride about 5 kms before joining our club because if i just go out and start to hammer without being warm on the inside, the cough/wheezey/rattley chest thing may happen. Also, in the cold - i tend to wear a bandana thing over my mouth and nose to start with so i'm not sucking in cold and dry air. Apart from a couple of serious instances the most that's ever happened on a ride is that i've gotten "huffy/puffy" or coughed badly and just can't seem to recover my breath, even by slowing down or breathing through my nose. Or i've pulled off to the side, stopped for a few minutes, had a couple of puffs, and continued on. But in 95% of times, its not even an issue.

There are inhalers that can be prescribed specifically to help against eia (eg Intal) but you should see a doctor if you think it's an issue for you. get it checked out and treated if need be. good luck

re: Exercise Enduced AsthmaBrit Racer
Jun 5, 2001 8:28 AM
I've had EIA on and off for around 10 years now. It's not really a problem as such and I have no problems dealing with it - my main sport's rowing and I'm just below Intl. level. Get yourself checked out by a doctor and he/she should be able to recommend a course of action. Mine recommended two inhalers - one to use twice a day (can't remember the name) and another to use before races (ventolin). I haven't actually used either for several years now as I've learnt how to avoid the problems and it hasn't really troubled me in races. I found that for me, training indoors in either hot, humid or very cold environments starts my asthma but it'll go away after a few minutes of not exercising. Oviously it's less of a problem on the bike but I've found that maintaining deep regular breathing even when under pressure helps to reduce any problems, even if it doesn't stop the feeling of my throat / lungs tightening. Staying relaxed while it happens also helps a lot.

Good luck. :)
re: Exercise Enduced AsthmaWiscoFever
Jun 14, 2001 6:21 AM
I have quite recently developed EIA, since having lung surgery in December due to a lung that kept collapsing. First time it hit me was during one of my road races this spring, on the final 1 1/2 mile climb of the race. I just couldn't get any air in me, felt kinda like someone had a giant rubber band around my ribcage. It only affects me during races (hard efforts for an extended time period) and with medication (singular-pill and Serevent-inhaler) I've been able to almost completely control it, but it still pops up to say HI every now and then, mostly at the most inopportune moments, like during the last three laps of a crit. It's just really frustrating not being able to do what you have the potential to do....and breathing is kinda important.