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TT vs road bike frame size(2 posts)

TT vs road bike frame sizeWilliam
Jun 4, 2001 1:27 AM
here is the deal, I'm 6'5", and my roadbike is a 62cm, fits like a champ. My TT bike is a 58cm, I have my position dialed in on it, but I think I would be better off with a 56cm. I am 99% sure I could make it work. Just curious to know what sizes others are riding for road and TT (those with seperate bikes).

Thanks, Will
re: TT vs road bike frame sizeWilly D.
Jun 4, 2001 4:33 PM
Unless the TT bike has a sloping top-tube, it's gonna be too small. The top tube length would necessitate a really huge stem.