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Shifter/Bar position set-up question(2 posts)

Shifter/Bar position set-up questionNeedySpeedy
Jun 1, 2001 6:22 AM
NeedySpeedy Jun-01-01, 05:20 AM
"Shifter/Bar position set-up question"
Are there any guidelines to setting up the bar position (angle tilt) and the shifter position on the bars for the first time? Other then getting it to feel comfortable and functional? I've heard put the bottom of the bar horizontial, parrallel to the ground. Then set the levers 6 1/2" - 6 3/4" around the bend of the bar. Anyone else heard this? Should the hoods be parrellel to the ground also? I've seen riders with their bars tilted back which results in the bottom of the bar at an angle to the ground. Is it all personal preference??

Thanks for any replies!
Range of optionsKerry Irons
Jun 2, 2001 5:19 PM
The "rule" for brake levers is to place them so the tip of the lever just touches a straight edge laid on the bottom of the drops (extended forward). As far as the angle of the drops, the range is from parallel with the ground to the drops pointing at the rear hub. Quite a range, so you go for personal preference. Me, I like the drops tipped slightly down from parallel.