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Peddling from the hips...(3 posts)

Peddling from the hips...Glenn Smith
May 25, 2001 10:28 PM
Yeah Im new 2 racing 2. Huge question(s) to come. I think that I know the answer, but was never told of proper peddling tech. I missed peddling #101. I got the Cycling Bible not to long ago. In one of the training area's ref. to climbing hills, it reminded you to peddle from the hips. I have never heard of such a thing. Do you also peddle from the hips during a typical road race and use more leg at the end? I have never with intention peddle from the hips. Could this be the reason way I bonk sooner than the others? Maybe im using my legs at a greater percentage than others. I was told it was lack of "Muscle Endurance" but I ask my self how, for I put in the Miles/Hours maybe
more than any cat 5 here local, I train on a cat 4 schedule. PLEASE RESPOND, I NEED HELP!!!

re: Peddling from the hips...Kerry Irons
May 26, 2001 12:49 PM
Don't you just love terms that are not explained, but supposedly give you the keys to success? Literally, peddling from the hips sounds like prostitution to me.

But probably, we're referring to pedaling? I'm only guessing, but I would think this refers to using the whole leg and concentrating on making full use of your glutes and hamstrings, not just your lower leg. Perhaps you would gain more benefit from thinking about "pedaling circles" - keeping as even pressure as you can throughout the pedal revolution. When people talk about "pedaling squares" they refer to a jerky pedal stroke that results in tiring quickly and wsated energy. Develop a smooth pedaling style by keeping your cadence high and keeping your stroke smooth - pedal circles. When you focus on pedaling smoothly, you can actually feel yourself putting out less energy to hold your speed. You don't want to think about using "more leg" or "less leg" at any time - you should be fully engaging your muscles all the time.

If you are equally trained and bonk earlier, it could be your pedaling style, or it could be your diet or eating habits before/during the event. It could also be not bonking at all, but just tiring out from inefficient pedaling. Also, are you doing the interval work needed to be able to respond to fast changes in pace? Bonking means running out of blood sugar so that you can no longer go much above 15 mph, and you don't recover from it without time and eating.
re: Peddling from the hips...Glenn Smith
May 26, 2001 5:06 PM
Thanks for your reply, peddling style? Yeah, I do need some work on it. And im always working on it. I guess Bonking is not the right word. Ill do some homework on this matter.