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Hed Stinger front/H3 rear wheels for crit racing?(4 posts)

Hed Stinger front/H3 rear wheels for crit racing?campyguy
May 25, 2001 5:10 PM
I would like to get a set of aero wheels, and so far the ones that my search has turned up as worth buying are the following combinations:

Hed stinger 60 front/rear
Hed stinger 60 front/Hed 3 rear
Zipp 404 front/rear

Any experience or information concerning the Hed wheels would be appreciated. I have lots and lots of positive information concerning the Zipps, but just a few scattered opinions on the Heds. Thanks!

Could really use some help on this question... (nm)campyguy
May 29, 2001 11:08 AM
re: Hed Stinger front/H3 rear wheels for crit racing?str8dum
May 30, 2001 6:25 AM
60mm is pretty deep. I personally wouldnt use such a deep wheel for crits. You want the lightest/stiffest rim possible. I see many people crit racing on the 404's. I race on the American Classic carbons (Zipp 303's with AC hubs = 1103g) which i think are plenty deep. The H3 is damn heavy. Again I see people racing on those in the rear also. A waste of watts in a techical crit. Too much work to keep accerating. Funny thing I never see any of those people win the races. IMHO, I would get the 303's for crits. Next possibly the 404's (but like i said, too deep for me). For my TT wheels I use a Hed Jet 2000 on the front and a Jet Deep for the rear. I've used the J2000 in RR and some random training rides. In nasty crosswinds, the J2000 (like 62mm) doesnt feel very steady.

Again IME
In favor of the 303s also...biknben
Jun 1, 2001 7:40 PM
I race in crits with my 303s. IMHO they are the perfect combo of weight and aerodynamics.

I'm not familiar with the HEDs so I can't offer much there. The only reason I would race the 404s in a crit is if you absolutely have to have clinchers. The 303s do come in clincher but it is a completely different rim. I'm surprised Zipp even compares it to the tubular let alone call it the same name.