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2-up TT advice requested(2 posts)

2-up TT advice requestedJava
May 24, 2001 1:33 PM
Hello all, I've just signed on for a 2-up 40km time trial (about 25 miles) in two days. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on what time interval would work well for each pull. My partner and I are very similar in ability (Cat 3) though one of us will likely tire before the other. I know we'll have to adjust on the fly but, having not done this previously, does anyone have experience to share? I was thinking of alternating pulls of about one minute.

Depends on your skill levelKerry Irons
May 24, 2001 6:17 PM
If you are both good bike handlers, who can hold a steady pace in a straight line, I would suggest more like 30 seconds. If you watch the pros in a TTT, or track riders in a team pursuit, the lead guy is often only up there long enough to pull through. However, this takes practice and skill, so if you are doing the TT Saturday and have some doubts about your smoothness, 60 seconds may make more sense. Also, be sure that you keep constant speed for the lead rather than constant time. If you switch every 60 seconds, that's only 30 pulls in the hour long event. Don't get into a situation where one of you struggles or slows down to maintain the 60 seconds - figure out how long you can hold race pace on the front, and then pull off. You might consider starting out with shorter pulls and then see who is feeling the best after 15-20 minutes. Alter your ratio and timing once you know how you're going. But most of all, you will have to figure out how to communicate - it's awfully easy to get out of whack by not letting the other rider know how you're feeling.