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TT Disk & ???(7 posts)

TT Disk & ???Jim Hubbard
May 17, 2001 9:05 PM
I have a TT coming up and trying to decide what wheels to use. I am going to use a disk rear but the question is what to use up front. I have choice of a ZIPP (50mm), cosmic(30mm), tri spoke, and stinger (40mm). I have used a disk/ trispoke combo before but was buffeted by wind which caused a slower time than I was capable of, so am cautious in trying it again. I antipate the course to be be windy, it is out and back on a rough road surface. All sugestions are appreciated.
May 18, 2001 7:42 AM
tri spoke/ disc is about the fastest wheelset you can ride.

if you read hed's website, you'll see that even as the angle of the wind changes, the drag on the trispoke is still aero. its is highly doubtful that your wheels had anything to do with a slow TT. the wind in general maybe. the drag on any other wheelset would have been much more and your time would have been even slower.
yes and nojp2
May 18, 2001 8:26 AM
if you continue at the same tempo, your time won't be affected, but if you let the lateral movements affect you mentally, your effort will decrease and you will be slower. it is a matter of mind over wind. the wind is your friend, it doesn't want to crash you, it just wants to slow down your competitors.
check this outpeloton
May 18, 2001 8:37 AM
Go to for some information on wheels and wind forces. There is some good information there, might borderline on overkill though.
TrispokeJim Hubbard
May 18, 2001 5:38 PM
I a crosswind the greater the surface area to catch the wind the more the bike and rider will be pushed around. I only weight 145lbs and 40kph which are typical here do through me around. From a purely technical point of view the disk/ trispoke combo is the fastest but if you through in strong crosswinds it does become a very unstable setup.
TT Disk & ??Dougal
May 21, 2001 8:22 AM
It depend of personal preference I guess.
I hate being thrown about by the wind, as I have to expend some thought to controlling the bike that I would rather be using to hone my physical effort. As a result I run deep rim wheels if there's even a slight wind. I don't even own a disk.

As somebody once said, until your average speeds are hitting the high 20s for TTs, there's no great gain to be had from stuff like this in my opinion. It could well knock a few seconds off your time though, so I would personally say go with what ever makes you more comfortable. You're never gonna ride a fast time if you're unhappy on the bike.
re: TT Disk ???Free Willy D.
May 22, 2001 12:52 PM
Go double disks!!
The Zipp is gonna be the fastest of the wheels you listed.