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May 15, 2001 7:08 PM
Hey I think I bonked this weekend (glyclgen bonk) because I didn't eat smart before i rode. I was irding and 20 miles into my 30 nile ride I got extremly hungry, at about 22 miles I felt extremly sleepy and like jello so I laid on the side of the road every 1/2 mile until I came across a burger king but I had no money. I walked in stumbling and looking half drunk i slured out that i needed some food or i was going to pass out. Not to worry the guys there hooked me up and I ate a double cheese burger, whooper jr., large coke, large hi c, large french fri, and 16 packets of sugar and I felt a little better and rode the rest of the way home (really slow).

I guees my question is was this a near bonk because I'm not sure. My other question is if this was a bonk did I do the right thing and what should I do to recover. Please respond if you know.
Killer bonklonefrontranger
May 16, 2001 6:43 AM
In Europe they call it "hunger knock" because the term "bonk" has another context, wouldn't be surprised if some wise*ss limey jumps onto the thread.

Yes, that was indeed a killer bonk. What is your typical ride mileage? Especially if you are low body fat, you should carry something like gels and/or a light (easy to digest) glucose replacement drink such as Shaklee, Excel, half-strengh Gatorade - anything you can easily tolerate. I usually don't bonk until after 40 miles, but 60 miles is my typical "endurance day" length, so my system is possibly more accustomed to longer distances. That being said, I'll admit I've been "lying in the ditch bonked" myself, usually after getting hammered flat on some Bike Nazi death cruise.

What do you use in your water bottles, and how much water do you carry? It could have easily been a combo of dehydration and bonk, and especially if it was hot, heat exhaustion could have come into play. If you're going far and it's a hot day, carry two big bottles AND a Camelbak, to heck with the roadie poseurs who say only Freds wear them. I've given half my Camelback up to a couple of "tough guys" in the middle of long hundred-degree rides, and they weren't laughing then. Also, I am assuming from your sig that you're a triathlete. Are you using creatine supplements? Creatine is not terribly good for cyclists for just this reason (can cause lethargy and cramps during high output). If you have any doubts about it, go to, or search the Adverse Event reports on the FDA site. I work for a company where I have to do supplement research quite a bit, and some of the adverse events reported from taking supplements and herbals are very scary.

The worst part about going into glyco debt like this is that it may take up to a month for your system to fully recover. You could find you "ride tired" for a while, so maybe take it easy and work on other things. Make sure you eat at least half a banana or a bowl of oatmeal (or something similarly bland & easy to tolerate) before going out on long weekend rides, especially if it's hot or your ride intensity will be high.