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will I be a cat5 forever????(2 posts)

will I be a cat5 forever????jayz
May 14, 2001 5:51 AM
this is my first year road racing..and i have only done 2 real races and 3 training races.. i am definately seeing progress in the training races (in the B group)...i also race mnt and i guess i had false hopes of doing exceptionally well in the 5's.

how long do people usually wait till they go to the 4's???
do i need to be winning in the 5's before i will just be able to hang on with the 4's??? how much difference is there?
is moving up at the end of this year an unrealistic goal???

Not unless you don't race 10 times this yearDuane Gran
May 14, 2001 6:01 AM
After 10 races you are automatically upgraded to a 4. After that you have to earn points to upgrade. In some districts they allow you to upgrade from 4 to 3 if you have 10 top ten finishes in a cat 4 race.

Regarding the difference between cat5 and cat4, I don't think there is much difference. The fitness level is naturally a little better, but not astoundingly better. The biggest difference is mental. Most of your cat4 riders have ridden 15+ races and they know the tactics of the race better. Therefore they avoid burning their legs on breaks that won't stick and they make less foolhardy attacks.

In my experience most cat5 races are grouped 4/5 races. I just upgraded to a 4 recently, and out of my first 10 races only 2 of them were straight cat5 races. Personally I don't mind at all and I like the challenge. I'm looking forward to some good 3/4 races.