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Anyone make knee /elbow light type armor/neoprene ??(2 posts)

Anyone make knee /elbow light type armor/neoprene ??Matrix
May 9, 2001 6:27 AM
i case i eat it i would like some kind of padding like a light weight neoprene or something to avoid scarring & chunking knee / elbow so bad......I feel slightly naked w/o protection....{all my years racing Superbikes}road rash...i know!!!
re: Anyone make knee /elbow light type armor/neoprene ??rollo tommassi
May 9, 2001 8:26 AM
the good news is that you're not as likely to bang up your knees/elbows as you are your upper thigh/hip/butt.

Quick trick for protecting that area is to slip an old race number into your shorts (or tyvek material, like Fedex pak). But if you are worried about your elbows, I think there is a tennis brace that may work (Futuro, Scholl?)

Otherwise, part of the roadie culture is NAKEDNESS, so just imagine everyone else is naked and you'll relax ;)

Of course, the worse kind of rash is tire burn, but I don't want to gore you out with that idea...