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New Race Bike vs. Trainer (newbie)(3 posts)

New Race Bike vs. Trainer (newbie)JDH3
May 8, 2001 4:18 PM
For the past year I have been training on a 00' Lemond Zurich. It has been a great training bike ...smooth and easy. So now I'm wanting to take the next step and start racing. I have been told by the other guys in my group ride that I would be a good sprinter for the team. (Even if that might be a ways down the road) I was wondering what bikes/wheelset do you guys like for a sprinter. I was looking at a Klein Quantum Pro...but those Itailian bikes look so tempting.


re: New Race Bike vs. Trainer (newbie)Onrhodes
May 9, 2001 8:17 AM
What is wrong with your Zurich? Its a good steel bike that will take some pretty good abuse.
As far as wheels go. Keep it simple at first. Find out if you like racing. I would just go with a nice Dura Ace or Ultegra setup. How much do you weigh etc depends on the lacing. I'm 135lbs I do 2x front and 3x rear on my training wheels. I race on Nucleons. However speaking from 11 years of riding and racing experience, you don't need the tricked out wheels. Don't let people convince you that you'll be winning a ton of races just by buying a pair of wheels. Save some $ in the first place. A decent Dura Ace setup (I'm assuming you run shimano) with DT double butted spokes on Mavic Open pro rims will suit you fine. You could probably go 28 hole too if you're just going to be racing on them.
If you find that you like racing, that it is something that you're going to stick with, then get a nice set of wheels. Remember as a potential sprinter you're going to want light fast accelerating wheels. Aerodynamics is not so important, as the ability to get the wheel rolling. you want to compromise between weight and stiffness. So I once again say dura ace wheelset. You will save $200 plus on a spanky wheelset. It will be eaiser to get replacement parts for too.
so you want to be a sprinterchainhead
May 12, 2001 4:44 PM
Hey I heard you say you were gonna be a sprinter for your team. I'm not sure what kind or how much experience you have but you should do some sprint workout on a track bike at your local veledrome (if you have one0. It will do wonders for your lactate threshold.