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whats with cadence and wheel sizes(2 posts)

whats with cadence and wheel sizeschainhead
May 6, 2001 10:42 AM
Hey i'm just getting into racing and i was wondering what my optimal cadance would be for climbs, flats, downhills and head winds. Also, right now my bike has 27x1/4 wheels and i was wondering if i could put 650's or 700's on there without any problems.
re: whats with cadence and wheel sizesKerry Irons
May 6, 2001 6:10 PM
Optimal cadence is a personal thing, and it is developed with time. As a general guideline, you should strive for 90 on the flats. Climbing will depend on the steepness, but 60-80 would be good aim points for steep (60) and not so steep (80). For both downhills and sprints you'll want to be able to get to 110+. These cadences won't come immediately and will reqire practice. And any of these numbers are +/- 10 rpm (or more) depending on your personal adaptations. Just guidelines.

You MIGHT be able to use 700c wheels on your bike IF your brake pads are currently adjusted at their maximum (as far as possible from the hub, along the radius of the wheel). Changing to longer reach brakes might be required, and generally long reach brakes are less effective. You would not be able to use 650s without very long reach brakes, which are quite rare except for department store bikes. Overall, you might consider picking up a 4-5 year old racing bike used, which could be had for $400-500, and probably be a significant performance improvement over your current ride. You didn't say what you're riding, but unless it is a very unusual bike, it's been a long time since high performance bikes have been made with 27" wheels.