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Unknown Leg Pain(8 posts)

Unknown Leg Paineciofi18
May 2, 2001 10:11 PM
Lately on every ride, the tendons behind my right knee begin to hurt pretty bad. I have adjusted my cleat and that helped for a little while, but it came back. I'm wondering what this could be. I find it interesting that it's just in my right knee and not in the left. If anyone could tell me why this is or how to stop it, I'd appreciate it.
re: Unknown Leg Painpeloton
May 2, 2001 10:23 PM
What part of your knee? More specific location of the pain might help. It's not unusual to have pain in one knee and not the other. Alignment and leg length discreptancies aren't the same from one to the other.
re: Unknown Leg Paineciofi18
May 3, 2001 9:35 AM
It's the large right tendon behind my right knee.
What is your gearing?Michelle
May 3, 2001 2:26 PM
Are you pushing too big of a gear (especially on hills)? I used to get a lot of knee pain before I found the secret of spinning :)
What is your gearing?eciofi18
May 3, 2001 3:04 PM
My gearing is 53/39 in front and 11-21 in back. I don't find that I'm mashing the gears very often, I feel I'm more of a spinner.
a general rulepeloton
May 3, 2001 3:44 PM
A general rule that I have used is this. If you have pain in the front of your knee, raise the saddle. Pain in the back, lower the saddle. This is very general.

There are other factors that come into play as well. Leg legth or alignment may not be the same, explaining why one hurts and not the other. Maybe your flexibility is causing some pain as well. Most people are notoriously inflexible in their hamstrings. Muscle balance could also cause pain. Cleat position, riding style, what pedals you use, what shoes you are in, etc.

It's hard to say what could be causing your problems with any certainty. I would reccommend you find someone in your area who is well versed in the art of setting up a bike. You would be even more lucky if you could also find someone with a physical training background as well. With some experienced eyes looking at you in person, you should easily find your problem.
re: Unknown Leg PainWoof the dog
May 3, 2001 5:11 PM
You should definitely lay off the bike for a week to see how is everything going. I found as I started riding more seriously and became more fit, I seem to injure myself SO EASILY. Just three days on my campus ride to classes and back (half a mile total although with a hill) will set me up for some knee pain. I ran for ten mintues cause I was late somewhere and I stretched/sprained a muslce behind and above my ankle (peroneal?). Its amazing how easily you can hurt yourself. Maybe you did some other activity prior to that and it became sore next day after. Take it easy, lower the saddle ('cause its behind the knee) check everything (position wise). And give it time.
Woof, the 'your free cure' dog
tendon strengthsteveuk
May 5, 2001 6:02 PM
muscles strengthen faster than tendons do. So if you are newly fitter it's likely your muscles are stronger but your tendons are not. This is why it is easy to damage your tendons with new levels of fitness. This is also why you shouldn't get fit too quickly. Woof make sure you're getting enough protien in your food to build tendons and repair slight wear from exercise. Also don't expect to run for 10 mins injury free if u not used to doing it! Your muscles are strong enough to carry u but your general muscle/tendon setup as a cyclist would need a bit of training for running. It's good to do this Bernard Hinault recommends light jogging in the woods. Are u warming up before the ride to school as much as you do for a training ride? If not u need to go slower - even for a short ride.