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Personal experience with CreatineMax
Apr 29, 2001 6:33 PM
I have seen a fair amount of discussion on this supplement, so I thought I'd drop in my two cents.

My experience with creatine took place a couple of years ago before I began competitive cycling. I had been bodybuilding for about 12 years and was keenly aware of what my body was capable of in different excercises. For example: whenever I did a back and biceps work out I began by doing as many pull ups as possible. This would keep me current with any progress that was being made. I could usually perform 20 - 22 pull ups.

Enter creatine. It took a good week for the creatine to get into my system. I gained about 5-7 lb in water weight. My pull ups rocketed up to 27! The downside was that the muscles being used would pump up or engorge with blood so quickly that their range of motion was restricted.

Since I began cycling I have not tried creatine because of the weight gain and the instant pump that accompanied any serious muscle use. I do not remember any cramping though. Hope this information helps anyone curious about creatine. Bottom line - it does increase strength but has the mentioned drawbacks as well.
Thanks for the feedbackMichelle
Apr 30, 2001 9:26 AM
A non cycling friend of mine has started taking it and have noticed how much he's bulked up. I cant see how adding that extra weight (especially for a girl) can be a good thing for racing. I'm assuming whatever you gain in strength, you'll have to use to pull the extra poundage up hills :)