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Got spanked again, but not as bad as first time...(4 posts)

Got spanked again, but not as bad as first time...biknben
Apr 21, 2001 4:07 PM
You may remember I posted my experiance in a "Training Series race" 6 weeks ago or so. Did my first real road race today. "Race for the Hills" in Jersey. It was a 1.2 mile crit (11 laps) with a climb (200 Ft vertical). The course could be broken down into thirds. Flat section at start/finish along Main Street. Turned off and climbed. Then went back down hill towards the finish. Hill wasn't steep but it hurt, especially the last few laps.

The pack (60 riders) took off as if it had been shot from a cannon. I found myself at the back where I know I shouldn't have been. After a few laps I was falling off the back but thankfully there plenty of others that went before me. The main pack pulled away and there was nothing I could do. I started sucking some major wheel. I noticed some guys climbed fast and decended slow. Others were the opposite. I grabbed some good wheels and stayed within sight of the pack for most of the race. In the end I finished a half-mile back.

It's so much different from MTB racing (remember I'm a Sport/Expert MTB racer). These road races are ending as I'm finally getting comfortable. I'm used to races being 2+ hours, riding mostly by myself. Oh well...I had fun and got more experience. And a T-shirt too. :-)
were you in the 4/5 race?climbo
Apr 22, 2001 4:15 PM
It was a very tough race, that hill takes it out of everyone. Basically if you can't climb fast, you will get dropped there. It was intense pace each lap up that hill. I found that going from MTB to road was much harder than I thought. It's very hard to pull away in a road race like that one yesterday, I'm glad it was only 11 laps, I was wrecked afterwards. MTB races are very individual and rely on technical skills a lot also. Most guys at the Race for the Hills bombed the descent but in a MTB race you can have very different times in the same section for different riders. Hang in there, that was a tough race.
Yeah, I'm a Cat 5. (NM)biknben
Apr 22, 2001 7:01 PM
im glad that im not the only one...jayz
Apr 23, 2001 3:37 AM
who is at least a somewhat decent mnt biker, who is getting his butt whooped in a cat 5 race :)

i think at least part of it for me is im not used to having that many people around me at all once someone starts to cut in to take my place i back off...then 5 more people fly by me....oh learning....