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Best of both worldsYeti
Apr 18, 2001 11:43 AM
Is it possiable to climb fast and also sprint fast, I lost big weight this year my climbing is 2 times faster but the guy's I used to beat in the sprint are now beating me. Is there some workout were I can sprint and not lose my climbing??
re: Best of both worldsThe Real George
Apr 18, 2001 5:28 PM
Do you do sprint workouts once a week? I find that sprinting requires a lot of techinique, as opposed to hammering on the flat, which requires big lungs. Have you read anything on sprinting? Have you watched tapes of Cippo and Steels? Do you target an rpm, a gear, a distance in your sprint workouts? Do you examine the sprint area before the ride/race to plan your run-up and top out points? How fast can you spin without bouncing? Has this number improved since last year? Have you tried different shif patterns in your sprint workouts? (don't just pick a gear like the guys with DT shifters used to write about!)

I think its more than big legs (that helps) it's very technical, and very anaerobic. If the lactic acid is at a reasonably low level before the sprint, and your HR is at AT, they will stay there throughout the entire 200 meters it takes to pip your opponents at the line. Your HR may max out eventually, but you will be over the line by then.

A sprint workout is not the same as intervals. Intervals train the heart/lungs to peak, then recover quickly. A sprint has very little to do with recovery. Do this: 1)find a sprint area (flat, straight, no traffic)in your neighborhood (there's a great one 100 meters from my front door, coincidence? I think not.) 2)measure it with your bike computer, mark out the finish, 50 meters, 100 m, 150m, 200m, 250m with discreet paint on the inside of the curb, so nobody will notice it but you. 3)Once a week you will warm up for 10 miles on a loop or some such then spend 1 hour sprinting, then 5 miles shakeout ride. 4)reset your computer, HR monitor not required for sprinting. Each run up the drag strip should involve thinking about a number of variables, such as gearing, timing, rpms. 5)recover completely between runs, this could take 5 minutes of soft pedaling to achieve, maybe more. 6)improvement is measured by beating your buddies, of corse, but in the meantime look at top speed on your computer after each run, but do the sprint with rpm displayed, try to reach an rpm in a given gear and hold it for 25 m, then try 50 m, as you get fast, try the same thing in the next higher gear.

Remember position, sprinting is usually done in the hooks, hold on tight, your but will have two positions, slid forward on the saddle for spinning up, and 3 inches above the saddle for torquing up the next higher gear, sit down when you get to about 125 rpm (pedal circles, espacialy at 130+rpm). I use 3 gears in a standard flat 250m sprint, your technique may vary. Rock the bike gently while standing, perfectly still while sitting. One last thing make sure you have no water bottles in your cages prior to a race sprint, on a traing ride, they should be empty for that last big free-for-all.

As far as climbing well, hey you're on your own.
re: Best of both worldsMass Biker
Apr 18, 2001 7:00 PM
I was a decent climber last year and an awful sprinter. Now I'm a mediocre sprinter and still an okay climber. The only workout I did was to lift a lot more over the winter to build some power so I could still have some get-up-and-go at the end of a race. I can see results. I hope to supplant this base this spring with specific sprint workouts (much like the one already posted in response to your question).

I recommend skill-specific training (i.e. don't try to kill two birds with one stone). This means, hill climbing on Tuesday and sprints on Thursday. Of course, you could make the hill climbing more fun by forcing yourself to go up a gear (or gears) as you get towards the top of the climb and sprinting for the summit. Maybe then you actually get the best of both worlds (but sprinting for an uphill finish is far different from a 200m flat drag race).